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April 25, 2022


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PXL Vision represents an extremely diverse group of people who have joined forces to work in deep tech in order to build trust online. In this series, we meet with various colleagues from Team PXL to find out a little bit more about what makes them so special.

Spring is in the air and the Corona virus infection rate is declining, so we took the opportunity to hit the road and meet up with our Senior Account Executive for the DACH region, Aaron Schröder.

In this interview, we chat with Aaron about his move to Berlin and his work at PXL Vision. Aaron has only been with PXL for a year and a few months, but he is already helping potential customers discover the value in our products. He does this by asking lots of questions to figure out the customer's needs and then providing a solution based on our technology. One recent successful pitch was to a gambling sector client who had an ineffective solution with too many dropouts. We were able to reduce their dropouts by 95%. Aaron will be attending it-sa (The IT Security Expo and Congress) in Nüremberg in October and possibly also Identity Week in London in June - so if you're attending either of those events, make sure to say hi!

We met Aaron where he likes to hang out, on Ku'damm in Berlin and stopped for a photo op @ the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. For eats, we went for Aaron's preference of burgers and ice cream: Tommi’s Burger Joint followed by M&M’s Berlin. Yum!

Getting to know: Aaron Schröder

1. You are from Cottbus, Brandenburg which is the state that encircles Berlin and now you live in Berlin. What made you move to Berlin?

- I’m actually from a small town outside of Cottbus. I moved to Berlin for career motivations. Cottbus has a small population of less than 100 thousand people, so there are not very many good jobs there. After graduating from the technical university in Cottbus, I had the idea to move to a bigger city and Berlin made the most sense as its fairly well connected to Cottbus. There is actually a direct train connection there on the RE2. New experiences/culture. Here for 7 years.Aaron Schröder - Berlin

2. Do you plan on staying here? What do you like/dislike about Berlin?

- Yes, I’ve been here about 7 years, and I plan to stay for a while. Berlin offers many experiences and a great culture with many free time activities and restaurants to visit. In fact, I organize Berlin food tours here, but only for friends. I research and organize a list of about ten different restaurants and then we visit all of them in a 24-hour period.
- One thing I dislike about Berlin is that it’s not very clean.

3. What’s something you’re planning on doing in the next year that you’ve never done before?

- Getting married.

Strengthening connections: Aaron @ PXL Vision

4. How long have you been at PXL Vision?

- A year and a few months. So, not very long.

5. What interests you about PXL Vision’s product?

- The technology and especially the machine learning/computer vision aspect of our product and working in fraud prevention. Working to prevent online fraud is important to me.

6. How are you helping potential customers discover the value of our products?

- At first, I ask a lot of questions to figure out what they really need. Then, I provide a solution based on our tech that is oriented towards their needs.

7. Which identity verification use case is the most sought after and from which vertical?

- I think age verification for ecommerce purposes (like preventing underage purchasing of alcohol and cigarettes, etc.). Also, for larger enterprises: user onboarding often comes up, especially for insurances and telecommunication providers.

8. How do you prepare to meet a potential customer and which part(s) of our product/solution convinces customers the most?

- I intensely research their company to find out everything I can about them, I like to see what they are doing. I then research the vertical that they are in to see if I can find any insights there. I will also look at their competitors to see what they are up to. The thing that actually convinces our customers is the overall usability of our product. They are able to demo our software and see for themselves that it works.

9. Can you recall a recent successful pitch? How did you win the customer?

- Yes, it was actually for a client in the gambling sector (I can’t say the name yet for confidentiality reasons). I was able to detect their pain point and present them a better solution on the spot. Their pain, which we see a lot in our industry, was that the solution they had was ineffective. There were too many dropouts. We were able to reduce their dropouts by 95%.

10. Any upcoming events where people can meet with you face-to-face?

- Yes, I will be at it-sa (The IT Security Expo and Congress) in Nüremberg in October and possibly also at Identity Week in June in London.

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