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We want to drive enthusiasm: for fascinating technologies and innovative products. In this blog, we inform you about trends in artificial intelligence, machine learning and machine vision. At the same time, we report on their possibilities and visions of the future, and we interpret and evaluate them – as experts and passionate technology freaks.
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20, June 2019

Have you chosen the best identity verification solution?

You’re fed up with fraud, tired of customer complaints, but don’t want to invest in expensive, clumsy, and time-consuming manual processes that test the patience of your tech-savvy customers....

25, April 2019

Identity verification: Balancing security and customer conversions during onboarding

For many industries, from financial services and telco’s to various age-restricted products and services, identity verification is a legal obligation. For others, as with the sharing economy and...

2, April 2019

Why identity verification matters in the sharing economy

The shared economy business model has been with us for many years now, with the likes of Airbnb and Uber being the largest examples of how successful and disruptive these business models can...


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