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November 22, 2021


PXL Vision’s ultimate Identity Verification Buyer’s Guide

Finding the right onboarding and identity verification solution that can match your business’s exact requirements requires a lot of time and effort. This is why at PXL Vision we pride ourselves on being as upfront as possible on the ins and the outs of the identity verification market.

Get PXL Vision’s Ultimate Identity Verification Buyer’s Guide today – free of charge.

It is no secret that our industry is complex, especially given that it works with technologies such as computer vision and artificial intelligence. In the end, we want to help you get this right and hopefully even win your business.

We have been operating in the online identity verification space since 2017 and our founding team previously worked together on 3D scanning at Dacuda. Our in-house researched and designed technology is currently in use by all of the major telecommunications providers in Switzerland, and we are actively making inroads into the other DACH countries as well as a select few international countries.

PXL Vision’s product line is not only limited to the telecommunication industry. Our technology and our expertise cover numerous other use cases, which can be viewed on our website. We have not yet come across a scenario where we were unable to provide a working solution.

On this basis, we decided to compile our insights on the online identity verification industry as we know it. We jotted down some of the most frequently asked questions from our customers and our prospective customers and arranged the guide around our answers.

One of the most often raised questions is with regards to how it all works, so we start our guide there. The answer is not simple as our solution is built upon machine learning identity verification. Therefore we walk you through it, covering all the steps from document verification to liveness detection and face verification.

From here we deep dive into some of the more relevant questions to our customer’s businesses. Starting with the accuracy and the reliability of online identity verification and then heading into UX. As can be imagined, user experience or UX is an extremely important consideration.

Identity verification adds friction to whatever the process at hand is. If a customer is checking out their shopping cart, which requires identity verification (think: purchasing alcohol online), for example, and the user or customer is unable to navigate through the process, then they could abandon the process altogether.

We are often asked questions about flexibility and configurability options, especially from companies that are in the process of scaling their business. How easy is it to change the business rules and verification logic? What about integration and deployment into existing apps or websites? You can find the answers to these pertinent questions in our guide.

Other questions that we cover in the guide stem from issues such as compliance, or whether a solution is market proven and future proofed. Customer support ranks high. If something goes wrong or if there are questions about an IDV product, is there a support number? How easy is it to reach someone there? What about cost, how is that determined?

Our Identity Verification Buyer’s Guide answers all of these questions so that you are well-informed to make a decision on which identity verification platform to purchase. Do you have other questions not answered in this guide? We are always at your service. Reach out to one of our extra knowledgeable salespeople and they will have or find the right answer for you.

This is the level of service that we offer at PXL Vision because we truly stand behind our product.

Get PXL Vision’s Ultimate Identity Verification Buyer’s Guide today – free of charge.

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