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22, November 2021

PXL Vision’s Ultimate Identity Verification Buyer’s Guide

Get PXL Vision’s Ultimate Identity Verification Buyer’s Guide today – free of charge. Finding the right onboarding and identity verification solution that can match your business’s exact...

19, November 2021

Identity verification for the digital assets industry

Fresh all-time highs this month for Bitcoin and Co. were a welcome sign as PXL Vision signed up two new customers from the digital assets space (aka. crypto) for its identity verification...

15, November 2021

The Future Of Identity and Access Management

A recent Forrester report entitled The Future of Identity and Access Management offers an insightful look into, well, the future of identity and access management (IAM). Of course, like all...

29, October 2021

The Top Trends Shaping Identity & Access Management in 2021

A recent Forrester report on the Top Trends Shaping Identity and Access Management (IAM) in 2021 outlines seven trends that are currently driving the IAM market. The trends range from the shift to...

26, October 2021

PXL Vision has acquired its first supercomputer - unleashing its AI computing potential!

PXL Vision is very excited about its purchase of an NVIDIA DGX A100 supercomputer, which will provide its data scientists and machine learning (ML) engineers with much needed compute cycles for...

19, October 2021

Identity verification use cases by Industry: E-government (eID)

Numerous countries around the world are on a path towards transforming their government into their digital “e-government” counterpart. The overarching goal of these digital transformations are...


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