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Protect players and prevent fraud in online gaming

Stay on top of the game and verify player identities so users can game with peace of mind.

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Identity and age verification for online gaming:

Ensure safe and secure gameplay for all players, from beginner to expert

Level up your business with the ultimate player protection

Even in real life there are malicious levels and villains hiding underground. Our platform shields you from the bad guys and keeps your players safe.
Onboard users blazing fast

Onboard users at lightning speed

Our fully-automated identity verification platform uses AI-based deep learning to verify your customers in about 30 seconds. Save time and money on identity verification with our warp-speed fast solution.

Increase customer conversion

Increase customer conversion

Improve your player onboarding process and quickly convert more players. Our identity verification platform is characterized by a particularly easy user interface that can be seamlessly integrated into your existing processes.

Protect your players

Protect your players

Identity fraud is on the rise globally. But we can help you prepare to fight the final boss and secure your platform against hackers and fraud attacks. Fight back with verified identities – it's the best ammunition that money can buy.

Get the Buyer's Guide today and learn how to find the best identity verification solution for your business.

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