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Prevent employee and contractor fraud in 30 seconds

Secure your business and prevent fraud by verifying the identity of remote employees and external workforces.

Prevent fraud

Ensure remote employees and contractors really are who they claim to be with identity verification. Prevent identity fraud by adopting enhanced customer due diligence.

Expedite remote onboarding

Securely onboard remote employees and contractors in 30 seconds. Avoid manual processing and reduce HR costs with GDPR compliant identity verification.

Integrated with SAP® Fieldglass

Our SAP® Fieldglass integration prevents fraud during remote onboarding of workforces. Get started immediately with our out-of-the box solution without the need of any additional integration work.

Increase data quality

Data captured during identity verification is the most accurate data you can get about your workforce. Integration of our standard APIs help you with: 

  • Increased data quality
  • Frictionless data transfer 
  • Easy data management

Keep your records clean and up-to-date with full control and direct data flow to your CRM or other internal systems.

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Streamline your workforce onboarding and prevent contractor fraud.