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Turn identity verification into revenue now
Allow customers to prove their identity effortlessly. Provide them with a fast and smooth onboarding process. Our solution helps you achieve 3 main benefits:

More revenue
Reduce dropouts by 67%.


More compliance
Prevent fraud & legal risks.


More profit
Reduce costs by 84%.

Weak identity verification causes pain and hurts your profits


Your customers drop out during onboarding. 


A slow and inconvenient onboarding process frustrates your customers.

competitive pricing for IDV software

Onboarding admin costs eat into profit. 


You risk being non-compliant with regulations. 


Fraud creates costs and damages your reputation.


Greater risk of minors gaining inappropriate access. 

Show me how to strengthen my identity verification

PXL Vision offers a solution which makes IDV painless for your customers and you.

Join our growing base of satisfied customers. 

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Automated identity verification
in only 2 steps

Verify your customers at anytime from anywhere in 30 seconds.

Document verification

1. Scan your ID document. 

Automatically recognize and verify ID documents from 135+ countries. Accurate data extraction. Built-in fraud prevention.

face verification

2. Quick selfie video. 

We automatically proof document ownership by matching the user against ID document pictures. No user interaction needed.

How it works

Increase conversion rates and profit by providing a great customer onboarding experience

If you want to sell digital products, you need automation. The onboarding and checkout process must meet customer expectations and comply with regulations. The biggest problem is not your product offering or digitization, but the lack of countermeasures when customers abandon the buying process.

PXL Vision is an AI-based solution that helps you increase conversion rates in onboarding, so you can make more sales. Our customers have seen higher conversion rates, more revenue, and more profit.

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We trust our customers

An AI-powered solution can reduce identity verification costs by 84%

Our flexible platform offers easy access and use.

Fast customer onboarding

Easy to use

Identity verification takes 30 seconds and is performed without any instructions (passive liveness detection). This prevents process interruptions and misapplications. You can seamlessly integrate it into your apps and workflows.

Sign up for online services anytime anywhere IDV

Easy to integrate

Our technology can be deployed anytime, anywhere (on premise/cloud). Our dynamic web workflows cover many different use cases. You can also integrate our core technology components into your existing processes and systems to build your own user journey.

low costs per transaction IDV

Quick ROI

Manual inspections are costly because of the personnel needed to perform them. You can reduce these costs by automating the process. Our AI-powered solution costs up to 84% less than traditional identity verification solutions.

Fraud prevention IDV solution

Secure and certified

Don't take unnecessary risks with regulatory compliance and security. Over 40 industry leaders trust our certified and audited solution with some of their core business processes. Learn more at our Trust Center.

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The right identity verification can do so much more for your business.

30% of your customers may not complete the sales process with identity verification that is not suitable for your requirements.

Read our case studies to learn more.

Click on the quotes below to read our in-depth customer case studies to learn more.

AI-powered identity verification tailored to your needs

Get rid of manual processes and drive your revenues with the World’s most flexible identity verification platform. Each business has its own needs in security, compliance, user experience, infrastructure, business processes, and more. Our solution flexibly adapts to your needs. It fits your existing business processes. 

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Fill out the form below to talk to us about your business goals. What use cases fit best for you? What technologies and regulatory requirements do you need to consider in your identity verification solution?


Avoid fraud and find the best Identity Verification Solution

Fraudulent activity often happens through document forgery. Our solution checks for document integrity and controls the capture process. Learn more on this and many other topics in our free buyers guide on identity verification.
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