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Data Protection Information for the use of the website

1. Introduction

The proposed model PKI disclosure statement is for use as a supplemental instrument of disclosure and notice by a trust service provider (TSP). A PKI disclosure statement may assist a TSP to respond to regulatory requirements and concerns, particularly those related to consumer deployment. Further, the aim of the model PKI disclosure statement is to foster industry "self-regulation" and build consensus on those elements of a certificate policy (CP) and/or Certification Practice Statement (CPS) that require emphasis and disclosure. Although CP and CPS documents are essential for describing and governing certificate policies and practices, many PKI users, especially consumers, find these documents difficult to understand. Consequently, there is a need for a supplemental and simplified instrument that can assist PKI users in making informed trust decisions. Consequently, a PKI disclosure statement is not intended to replace a CP or CPS. The PKI Disclosure Statement (PDS) is available under PDF/A format as specified in ISO 19005 parts 1 to 3.

2. Content

Statement types

Statement descriptions

PXL Vision contact Info

PXL Vision AG
Mühlebachstrasse 164
CH-8008 Zürich
Legal domicile: Zurich
Commercial Register Office: ZH
Commercial register number: CH-
USt.-IdNr: CHE-486.479.093

Phone: +41 442 951 040

German subsidiary:
PXL Vision (Deutschland) GmbH
Siedlungsstraße 35
D-13125 Berlin
Legal domicile: Berlin
Registry Court: Amtsgericht Berlin Charlottenburg, Commercial register number: HRB 219960 B
USt.-IdNr: DE346576579
Authorized representative managing director: Lucas Sommer

Types of PXL Vision identity services

PXL offers automated and secure identification services. This PKI Disclosure Statement applies for identification services to the following trust service policies: EN 319411-1 Level LCP, NCP and EN 319411-2 Level QCP-n.

PXL Vision Reliance

PXL Vision doesn't issue certificates.
The cooperating Trust Service Providers (TSPs) guarantee long term reliance as required by eIDAS Regulation. Records are archived for as long as required by the respective legislation and specific regulations.

Obligations of PXL Vision subscribers and users

The usage of the PXL Vision services and the obligations of the subscribers are listed in the terms and conditions available in the Daego app.

The certificate usage is restricted to the usage defined in the certificate policy of the Trust Service Provider.

Certificate status checking obligations of relying parties

PXL Vision doesn't offer certificate status services.

PXL Vision warranty

The warranties are listed in the terms and conditions available in the Daego app.

PXL Vision Trust Service Statements

The Trust Service Practice Statement is available on the Internet under .

PXL Vision privacy policy

The privacy policy is available on the Internet:
The responsible supervision authority is:

·       Switzerland:
Eidgenössischer Datenschutz- und Öffentlichkeitsbeauftragter

Feldeggweg 1

CH-3003 Bern

Phone: +41 58 462 43 95

Fax: +41 58 465 99 96

·       Germany (depending from field of Regulation):

o   Berliner Beauftragte für Datenschutz und Informationsfreiheit
Friedrichstraße 219
D-10969 Berlin
Phone: +49 30 13889-0
Fax: +49 30 2155050

o   Bundesbeauftragter für den Datenschutz und die Informationsfreiheit
Graurheindorfer Straße 153
D-53117 Bonn
Phone: +49 228 997799-0

PXL Vision refund policy

Not applicable

Applicable law for PXL Vision, complaints and dispute resolution

In general, PXL Vision´s services are provided based on Swiss Law, in individual cases, especially regarding consumer relation, local law may apply.

For Trust Services according to eIDAS Regulation (EU) 910/2014 on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market eIDAS the responsible supervision Authority is :

Bundesnetzagentur für Elektrizität, Gas, Telekommunikation, Post und Eisenbahnen

Tulpenfeld 4
D-53113 Bonn
Phone: +49 228 14-0

For disputes in Context of Qualified Certificates the dispute resolution procedures of the issuing QTSPs apply. Complaints regarding PXL Vision’s services can be submitted to

PXL Vision and repository licenses, trust marks, and audit:

PXL Vision makes all necessary efforts to ensure the uninterrupted availability of its services. Our systems are monitored continuously and tested by external institutions. For details please see the Trust Service Practice Statement published under