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Identity verification through to contract
conclusion – fast, safe, simple

Learn how PXL Ident can help you achieve high conversion rates and reduce costs,
while safely following regulatory requirements.

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Online identification. Securely integrate your customers into digital processes

Customer-friendly solution for identification and proof of regulation at POS and online when purchasing prepaid cards, mobile, streaming or fixed-line contracts.

✔ Comply with regulations
✔ Stable application POS and eCommerce
✔ Tested conversion
✔ Ready for immediate use

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These companies trust PXL Vision with their identity verification:
Logo 10 Sunrise@2xLogo 08 Salt@2xLogo 19 Quickline@2xLogo 02 Swisscom@2x

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Reduce fraud and increase conversions in customer onboarding

With a fast and smooth identification process in 30 seconds you can build up brand trust and reduce costs - out of the box:

  • Avoid the misuse of reward programs and unpaid bills due to illegitimate account owners
  • Easily add customer self-services in account access & management
  • Reduce effort for personnel deployment, training, and documentation

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online idv for qes

A wider reach for your offers – so more customers can flexibly sign contracts

Identity verification in combination with QES provides your customers independence from business hours or branch network. They can finalize subscriptions or contracts without any contact at all. PXL Vision can be extended at any time to a complete end-to-end solution, from initial contact to signing of a contract - also as a white label solution.

Onboarding from A to Z - supported by smart functions

Create the optimal onboarding - easy, intuitive and fast thanks to AI and automation. You can offer this to your customers in prepaid, fixed network, streaming TV or SIM card contracts across all contracts and relieve your call center or branch employees.

How PXL Ident works


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How do you get the best conversion and reduce onboarding costs - in compliance with the rules?

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