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October 16, 2022

PXL Vision at it-sa 2022

PXL Vision at it-sa: Keynote, booth and exclusive press talks about Auto-Ident solution

September 5, 2022

PXL Vision receives eIDAS certification

Identity verification in a few seconds: PXL Vision receives European eIDAS certification for automated identification process

April 13, 2022

SwissSign is the first Swiss company using online identity verification | PXL Vision

SwissSign becomes the first Swiss company to use online identity verification to confirm people’s identities for the qualified electronic signature


April 11, 2022

With PXL Ident from fully automated identity verification to electronic signature

The future of secure digital customer onboarding: With PXL Ident from fully automated identity verification to electronic signature

  • The PXL Ident Software-as-a-Service solution now offers fully...
January 26, 2022

PXL Vision's customers benefit from certified information security

PXL Vision is certified by TÜV Rheinland


December 29, 2021

Age verification with Swiss precision

- More protection for minors through age verification for online purchases- PXL Vision offers Internet shops a secure, legally compliant system- Secure age check without media breaks within seconds...

December 2, 2021

PXL Vision abolishes the password!

  • 80 percent of all security leaks involve stolen passwords.
  • Visual verification of ID and person by means of artificial intelligence replaces complicated sequences of numbers and characters.
  • System...
November 8, 2021

PXL Vision wins Europe’s leading crypto-payment services provider BCB

- A further milestone in PXL Vision’s international expansion - Industry-leading process for automated customer identification includes document verification via NFC checks, facial biometric...

October 31, 2021

Successful Swiss FinTech’s Set to Expand into German Market

Switzerland’s start-up scene is flourishing in success as many of its founders are set to pounce on their German speaking neighbours to the North.PXL Vision is one such successful Swiss start-up with...

May 19, 2021

NFC tech on the rise in identity verification

More companies and federal agencies are using NFC technology to allow for fast and secure identity verification processes. 


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