PXL Check - Add-On tool for manual identity verification

Maximize the conversion rate with a simple manual check

PXL Check can be added as SaaS or On-Premise Add-On.
Make the verification process even more efficient with PXL Ident or PXL Pro,
by eliminating false negatives.
Rely on PXL Check.

Manual inspection with PXL Check - This is how it works

Automatic forwarding of rejected users

If our automated solution has failed or certain business rules or thresholds have not been met, these transactions are automatically forwarded to PXL Check.

Back office agent takes over the 2nd check

Back office agent requires no training for the manual check and is guided through the verification steps with simple user guidance.

User can be verified manually

Image and ID document of the rejected user can be checked manually. PXL Check supports this process with helpful templates and information.

Verification can be confirmed shortly

After the manual verification, PXL Check transmits the verified user's data directly. The verification process can be completed as usual.

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