PXL Vision for drivemycar

To use drivemycar's car sharing service, it is necessary to verify the identity and driving licence of each person for legal and insurance reasons. Since the entire app is automated, it was important for drivemycar that these verifications also run fully automatically.


About drivemycar

drivemycar is a smart, fully automated vehicle sharing platform in Switzerland, which was founded in August 2020 and is active from the end of 2022 on. The vision of drivemycar is to enable a more efficient use of the existing vehicles on the Swiss roads while at the same time fully offsetting the CO2 emissions for every driven kilometer. In addition to offering peer-to-peer vehicle sharing, the company has developed two other business models: Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS). With SaaS, the company provides vehicle sharing software as a service to other vehicle sharing companies. As a result, its customers no longer need to develop their own software. In addition, with Mobility-as-a-Service, drivemycar offers customers a complete mobility solution by digitising vehicle fleets, billing for EV charging stations, controlling barriers and gates, and providing last-mile mobility with e-scooter stations.

In peer-to-peer sharing, drivemycar targets people with a car who want to contribute to the environment and earn some extra money, as well as people without a car who want to use a car occasionally. With MaaS, it focuses on those companies that want to use their vehicle fleet more efficiently, or property owners, cooperatives and housing complexes that want to offer their tenants added value in the form of shared mobility.


Combined identity and driving licence check with PXL Ident

In order to use the car sharing service, each person must be checked against legal and insurance requirements. This is because the vehicle owner is liable for the vehicle and must ensure that only persons who are fit to drive have access to it. 
Since the lessor and the lessee do not know each other personally and do not have to meet in person at the start of the rental period, it must be ensured that the vehicle is not taken over without authorisation. This means that in addition to a simple identity check, a driving licence check is also necessary. Both checks are carried out automatically with the Auto-Ident solution from PXL Vision. drivemycar relies on the co-branded version of PXL Ident, which was developed at short notice as a special two-account solution specifically for this use case. The first step is the identity check, including address verification, and the second step is the driving licence check.

The verification process as part of the initial registration usually takes about four minutes for both verifications, including the entry of personal data and the matching of email address and mobile phone number. If a user is already registered, it only takes about 30 seconds to book the desired vehicle.

drivemycarApp 1

Why PXL Vision?

The decision for PXL Vision was based on a personal recommendation. drivemycar had initially implemented Daego, the predecessor version of PXL Ident. After the launch of PXL Ident in 2022, drivemycar was one of the first customers to switch to the new solution. The collaboration between PXL Vision and drivemycar has been very productive. Metin Kabay, co-founder of drivemycar, especially appreciates the fast and uncomplicated communication with the developers of PXL Vision as well as the modular structure of PXL Ident: "If we had known about the advantages of PXL Ident before our own development phase, we would have had to programme significantly fewer modules ourselves."

Metin Kabay and Fadel Bouhouch

Growing together

Since the soft launch of the peer-to-peer system on 13 July 2023, 76 verifications have been carried out using PXL Vision's solution. The company is planning for significant growth and expects 200 verifications per vehicle. In the next 3 years, the number of vehicles is expected to increase to 500, which will lead to a significant increase in verifications.

drivemycar continues to rely on the good cooperation with PXL Vision and sees the new camera functions as a way to make the document inspection even smoother. The company also plans to adopt PXL Vision's address verification, which is currently in development. 

In addition, PXL Vision is not only a supplier for drivemycar, but also a partner, as PXL Vision's solutions are also integrated into the resold SaaS solutions that drivemycar makes available to other companies for their own carsharing services. Through the multiple configuration options, drivemycar's client companies can then customise and tailor their own identity and driving licence verification.