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PXL Vision for Well Health App

The Well app is a health app for everyone in Switzerland. Well has around 40 employees and was founded at the end of 2020. The app offers a symptom checker, chat with doctors, telemedicine advice and medication delivery. PXL Vision supports Well with identity verification and ensures simple onboarding processes.


The company

Have disease symptoms checked, talk to the doctor via video, have prescriptions written and medicines delivered to your home – all this and more the health platform Well offers in only one app in Switzerland. Thus, Well connects many useful players in a health platform: doctors, pharmacies, insurers and the insured. So patients receive quick, uncomplicated answers to questions about their health quickly, easily and digitally. Plus they can contact medical staff directly.


Digital Customer Onboarding in healthcare with PXL Vision

The task

Telemedicine services are already more widespread in Switzerland than in Germany. This is mainly due to the insurance models there: More and more insurance companies offer lower-cost insurance policies, where customers must first take advantage of a telemedical consultation before they can consolidate a doctor on site. An estimated 30 percent of all insurance models in Switzerland currently already require telemedicine treatment and the trend is rising.

Medical data is highly sensitive, as it not only provides insight into personal data such as birthday and location, but also into one‘s personal condition. Anyone who wants to use all the functions of the Well app, from medical records through telehealth to prescriptions, naturally wants the data to be protected. In order to exchange documents with the doctor, such as the results of a laboratory test, an identification procedure is mandatory: it must be ensured that it is actually the specified person who is receiving the sensitive data. To enable digital and uncomplicated identity verification, Well relies on the expertise of the Swiss market leader PXL Vision.

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The solution

In order to transmit sensitive data, a provider, via which the users can identify themselves, is required. This process takes place in just a few steps: First, individuals take a photo of the front of their ID card. Then, individuals take a short selfie video of themselves. In this first step, the AI checks whether the photo is actually a valid ID document.

In the second step, the algorithm checks whether the face matches the photo on the ID document and also recognizes whether it really is a real respectively living person in front of the camera. In addition, the relevant data on the ID document, such as gender and birthday, is also scanned and compared with the data entered in the form.

To be able to use all the functions of the Well app in full, users must identify themselves. Once they have identified themselves, they can exchange documents with the doctors treating them. This includes, for example, sending the results of the symptom checker to the doctor or receiving laboratory results.