PXL Vision - Ultimate Conversion

The conversion rate is crucial for the success of your business. Do prospective customers merely visit your website or do they also perform profitable actions? And: Do your visitors also manage to perform conversions effortlessly? Or do they fail at various points in the buying process? 
Many purchase processes or registrations are tied to identity authentication to ensure that the purchase on behalf of a person is really made by that person. This process is also called customer onboarding with identity verification and often leads to abandonment when it doesn't work smoothly. 

Why “Ultimate Conversion" and not something else?

Maximize your conversion rate with identity verification from PXL Vision

PXL Ident, PXL Vision's auto-ident process, is designed to create a user-friendly and pleasant experience for users. This way, bounces are reduced, conversion rates are increased and sales are boosted. With our identity verification, you ensure many benefits for your customers:

Mann, der gegen Wand lehnt und Identität auf Smartphone verifiziert
  • Verification in just 30 seconds: Make it easy for your customers - no one wants long waiting times.
  • Web-based integration without app or browser changes: Create a smooth user experience without media breaks.
  • White labeling and configuration options: Design the user interface natively in your own design to maintain customer trust and avoid irritation from third-party providers.
  • Global document delivery for 165+ countries: Don't lose potential customers just because one country's document type is not supported.
  • NFC and eID compatible: State-of-the-art technologies enable even faster and more secure verifications.
  • Performance Insights: Analyze how well your integrated solution is performing and how you can further optimize your conversion rates if necessary.
  • PXL Check for additional manual identity check: 
    Maximize conversion rates with our additional add-on tool PXL Check. It enables simple, manual checking of users who were rejected by the AI as part of the identity verification process. With PXL Check, you can further increase the conversion rate of your identity verification.

Poor identity verification affects the conversion rate

Reliable identity verification is now essential as part of customer onboarding in many industries. It helps confirm a user's identity - a necessary safeguard for companies offering online services.

However, the onboarding process must be user-friendly to turn potential prospects into loyal customers. Long wait times, third-party logos, media changes, or high downtime, for example, result in identity verification being dropped out and the contact not converting.

Conversely, fast and user-friendly identity verification leads to a better conversion rate. It strengthens the customer's trust in a company and ensures higher customer satisfaction right from the start.

A high conversion rate also means more sales for your company. This is because the number of new customers increases. In addition, a high conversion rate also brings more efficiency: Imagine that you have already invested any budget to win a potential new customer.

Then he or she starts the buying process, but drops out just before completing it because the verification process is too cumbersome.

So smooth identity verification is the key to higher conversion rates and more sales. 

The best conversion rate for your individual use case

Customizing the conversion rate allows companies to tailor identity verification to their specific needs. 
Depending on the situation, it may be necessary to implement extremely precise verification processes to ensure that only authorized users gain access. In other cases, however, the focus is on maximizing conversion rates to optimize the user experience and registration process. Our solutions give you the flexibility to strike the appropriate balance between security and user experience to effectively achieve your goals. This can make the onboarding process more efficient. 
Our PXL Ident promises identity verification with the best conversion rate for your individual use case. We offer various technical configuration options and features to help you find the ideal conversion rate for your use case. 
Rely on PXL Vision - Ultimate Conversion.