Ensure your customers have the best possible verification experience while also securing your business.

To comply with legal requirements for user registration, to legally protect your telecommunication business and to avoid falling victim to mobile phone fraud, it is important to take certain precautions. 

Customers expect a simple and fully digital experience when subscribing to a service or signing a contract. PXL Vision offers identity and age verification solutions to telecommunications service providers for various use cases, including prepaid and postpaid contracts, mobile, streaming, or fixed-line subscriptions,
both in-store and online.

-_Increase in sales
Realise ultimate conversion

Achieve high conversion rates and reduce costs during customer onboarding from A to Z - supported by automated AI functions.

-_Customer trust
Meet regulatory requirements

Navigate complex regulatory landscapes such as those provided by Swiss (BÜPF/SPTA) and (VÜPF/SPTO); German and Austrian TKG as well as data protection requirements as provided by DSG in Switzerland and GDPR in the EU, while meeting industry-specific security standards without compromising conversion or customer experience.


Prevent fraud

Reliable and convenient identity verification will increase customer loyalty and referral rates to your platform.

Customer-friendly identification for prepaid and postpaid subscriptions in the DACH region

Identification requirements for prepaid and postpaid contracts can be burdensome for both customers and providers.

Identity verification for prepaid and postpaid contracts in Switzerland

According to Art. 21 of the Federal Act on the Surveillance of Post and Telecommunications (BÜPF/SPTA) and Art. 20a of The Surveillance of Post and Telecommunications (VÜPF/SPTO), an identity check is required when activating mobile services. Additionally, video or online identification must comply with FINMA circular 2016/07 standards. 

Our solution fulfills these requirements and can be used for identity verification in both prepaid and postpaid mobile phone contracts by Swiss-based telecommunications companies.
Telco Switzerland
Telco Germany

Identity verification for postpaid contracts in Germany

The German Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) advises telecommunications providers to verify the identity of postpaid subscribers and allows the use of the Auto-ID procedure.

Identity checks are required by TKG §172 (1) and can be carried out for postpaid subscriptions, such as when concluding a mobile phone contract online or on-site when purchasing a SIM card.
Approve your postpaid subscribers in real-time, without any friction, and encourage them to complete the signup process.

Identity verification for postpaid contracts in Austria

In compliance with § 166 (2) of the Austrian Telecommunications Act and § 5 of the Identification Ordinance, it is mandatory to verify the user's identity before concluding the contract. The Photoident procedure involves automated processing of facial images and documents.

PXL Ident meets the procedural requirements. For detailed analysis of individual requirements contact our experts.
Telco Austria

Companies that trust PXL Vision’s identity verification:


Enhance the security and efficiency of your telco customer onboarding processes by ensuring that all regulatory requirements are met.

Automated identity verification replaces costly video calls with high abandonment rates. This reduces fraud, automates processes, and delivers a consistent user experience (UX) to customers. Quality and security of onboarding are not compromised.

Effective process integration

Easily integrate PXL Vision's identity verification into your existing business processes with minimal effort
and quickly apply it to other

Customized solutions

Implement state-of-the-art identity verification solutions tailored to your specific needs and challenges in the telecom sector, taking into account factors such as customer base, regulatory environment and operational scale.

NFC verification

Secure the verification process by scanning the NFC chip on ID documents directly from the browser on your smartphone. Ensure that all necessary data is transferred directly from your ID document, leaving no room for identity fraud. 

Integrate advanced technologies

Integrate second-factor authentication (2FA) methods such as email or SMS alongside biometrics to verify your contract customer identity more effectively and reliably.

Data security and data privacy

Provide robust data encryption and protection services to ensure that customer data is stored and transmitted securely and in accordance with high standards of data privacy and protection.

The global document coverage

Telecommunications is a global industry. Maximise your sales potential and take advantage of our worldwide document support in over 165 countries.

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Revolutionise your customer onboarding with our advanced identity verification solutions tailored to your specific needs.