Digitise your verification process with Auto-ID verification and verify more customers in less time

Provide your customers with convenient and fast digital identity verification with PXL Vision's web-based Automated ID Verification.
Our technology can be integrated as a software as a service (SaaS), on-premise or hybrid solution and helps you implement three key benefits:
-_Increase in sales
More profit
Increase your profits by increasing your conversion rate, reducing abandonment and lowering processing costs.
More security
Protect yourself and your customers from fraud and ensure regulatory compliance.
-_Customer trust
More customer satisfaction
Increase your customers' satisfaction and loyalty through secure and convenient verification processes.

Leading companies rely on our expertise

Let's define the ultimate conversion rate for your individual use case together.

Enable your customers to perform Automated ID Verification in two simple steps

Document verification
1. Scan your ID document
AI based automatic recognition and verification of ID documents from over 165 countries. Accurate data extraction, integrated fraud prevention.
face verification
2. Quick selfie video
In real time, the user behind the camera is compared with the images of the ID document. Thanks to Passive Liveness Detection, no user interaction is required.

Trust in security and compliance.

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Global support for identity documents


Why an Automated ID Verification from PXL Vision?

Unique usability
In under 30 seconds, the identity and age verification process can be completed using our web-based Auto-ID process. No additional app download is required. Clear instructions, as well as Passive Liveness Detection make it easy for customers to verify themselves.
-_Configuration options
Individual configurability
Our products are flexibly adaptable to a wide range of customer needs and use cases. You can choose between SaaS, on-premise or a hybrid solution, or purchase only individual modules. Whitelabel options offer tremendous flexibility to design our products natively in your own design.
Technology competence
We develop our technologies ourselves and mostly independently of third-party suppliers. In order to be able to offer our customers future-proof products, we continuously optimize them. Our OCR text and screen recognition are of high quality and accuracy.
-_Customer orientation-1
Customer-oriented service concept
We see ourselves as your partner and therefore offer you customized solutions that are provided as a full-service package depending on individual requirements. We take care of all process steps, from consulting to technical set-up and configuration to branding.

Our customers convince

Groupe Mutuel_Logo

Working with PXL Vision has benefitted us and our customers on several levels. Today, we are able to onboard applicants effortlessly, providing them with the insurance they need, when they need it. We create value for them and for our company.

Jonathan Valour, Senior Product Manager at Groupe Mutuel

The integration of PXL Ident was quick and uncomplicated. Even with complex requirements, the cooperation was always very productive and solution-oriented.

Metin Kabay, Co-Founder, COO and CTO at drivemycar AG

PXL Ident offers an extremely fast and very smooth verification process for investors on our platform.

Marc Rinderknecht, Co-Managing Director and Product Owner at OOMNIUM

As national digital identity providers, we rely on the highest possible standard in security and data protection for identity verification. PXL Vision allows us to have full control of the verification process and convey the trust we need for the SwissID.

Markus Nef, CEO at SwissSign AG
Well Logo

As Well continues to grow, we are convinced that PXL Vision will help us scale and bring our eHealth platform to the masses. The frictionless verification process allows our users to get 24/7 access to online services from anywhere. 

Stephanie Künzli, CPO at Well

Gambling is a socially sensitive product. The player and youth protection must be ensured and implemented consistently. PXL Vision has convinced us immediately. 

Florian Hermann, Director Marketing and Operations Novo Interactive
SwissLife Logo

Thanks to PXL Vision, we've done more than just simplify the identity verification process. We've also significantly raised our quality levels. That was precisely our goal. 

Fabian Baldinger, Swiss Life Switzerland
Zürcher Kantonalbank Logo

The flexibility of PXL Visions's platform has completely aligned with our need to provide a multitude of use cases tailored to various regulatory requirements and business preferences. We have built a mutually beneficial partnership and were always supported in any matter to the fullest extent. 

Roger Huber, Project Lead Multichannel Management Zürcher Kantonalbank
Lemonfrog Logo

Across 17 platforms, Lemonfrog brings people together to exchange services. In PXL Vision we see a strategic partner who helps provide an environment where our users feel safe to interact in a trusted way. The verification is quick, seamless and widely accepted among our user base. 

Tom Stierli, CEO at Lemonfrog

It must go fast? Then PXL Ident is the right solution for you.

PXL Ident is our flagship Automated ID verification solution.
The easy-to-use plug-and-play SaaS solution with preconfigured basic functions is cloud-based and ready to use within a few days.
It can be customized to meet different needs and use cases.

Avoid fraud and find the best Identity Verification Solution

Fraudulent activity often happens through document forgery. Our solution checks for document integrity and controls the capture process. Learn more on this and many other topics in our free buyers guide on identity verification.