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Enabling trusted digital identities

30 seconds and 2 simple steps to securely convert more customers, reduce cost of compliance and prevent fraud for your business.

Enabling trusted digital identities

Accurate verification in just 2 steps!
30 seconds, with your branding and integrated in your customer journey wherever you see fit

Verify your customers at any time, from anywhere, in just 30 seconds.
With the highest security and smoothest user experience at its core, our Swiss-made identity verification platform allows you to seamlessly interact with real identities in a trusted way.


Verify your customers at any time, from anywhere, in 30 seconds. Our Swiss-made identity
verification platform allows you to seamlessly interact with your customers in a trusted way.

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Augment your business with the world's most configurable identity verification platform.

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Get it right the first time

The most flexible identity verification platform on the market.
30 Seconds UX

30 Seconds UX

With minimal interaction and simple user guidance, our proprietary machine learning intelligence verifies identities in just 30 seconds without compromising on security.

Swiss Made

Swiss Made

Our proprietary AI technology was developed by us specifically in Switzerland and offers you high security and automation. Trust in our Swiss quality.

Tailored to your Needs

Tailored to your Needs

We offer the most flexible solution that is individually configurable, readily-scalable and future proof. Integrate identity verification deeply, tailored to your existing business processes or as a simple Plug & Play solution.

Flexible Deployment

Flexible Deployment

Flexibility is extremely important because the requirements for an identity verification solution vary greatly. That is why we offer you numerous configuration options: Our comprehensive portfolio of cross-platform SDKs and APIs for mobile and web is available as SaaS or on-prem for use in your own infrastructure.

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

Our SDKs and APIs offer a simple, standard interface for quick and easy integration. With just one deployment, our dynamic workflows automatically adapt to your business process and use case without the need for multiple integrations.

Data Privacy & Security

Data Privacy & Security

Providing data protection for you and your customers is of the utmost importance for PXL Vision. We work only with the highest standards when it comes to personal data. We comply with all local and international data protection regulations (e.g. GDPR in the EU) and are constantly seeking the latest relevant certifications.


  • Age verification, to safely sell age-restricted products and services
  • Identity verification, to protect your high-ticket sales and reduce fraud
  • Account Access Management, to give your customers a seamless experience
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Sharing Economy

  • Rider/Driver verification, to avoid liability issues
  • Identity verification for online dating platforms, to secure the users and build trust
  • Contactless stay, to secure holiday rentals
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  • Digital customer onboarding online, to give your subscribers a seamless experience
  • Customer onboarding and document scanning at the POS, to expedite the processes
  • Account access management, to enable self-service for your subscribers
  • Fraud reduction when selling high-price hardware
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Financial Services

  • Secure sign-up  for a crypto wallet
  • Onboard customers to their digital account or a new digital service, to make doing business with you easier and more secure
  • Verify the identity of your app users, to secure their transactions
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  • Onboarding patients to your eHealth services, to securely access and use digital health services 
  • Enabling and managing access to digital health records for doctors and hospitals 
  • Friction-free access to, and distribution of prescription drugs
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  • Digital customer onboarding and digital customer management
  • Onboarding and managing insurance agents
  • Selling and upselling new services and contract extensions
  • Digital capture of insurance claims and invoices
  • Self service for your customers through digital account access management
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A world of possibilities

See what is possible with PXL Vision in your industry today.

Our trusted identity verification platform works with a wide range of industries and use cases. Take a look at how we can help your business succeed with our digital solutions.

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Our direct integrations with leading industry partners allow you to benefit even more.


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We aim at leading the digital identity landscape. We focus our investment in research and development, opinion leadership with key associations and certifications:

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