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January 3, 2022


Cybersecurity in Germany – What to Know for 2022

IBM defines cybersecurity as: “the practice of protecting critical systems and sensitive information from digital attacks. Also known as information technology (IT) security, cybersecurity measures are designed to combat threats against networked systems and applications, whether those threats originate from inside or outside of an organization.”

In the interest of achieving a better understanding of the current cybersecurity situation in Germany, PXL Vision sponsored the Cybersecurity in Deutschland Executive Brief from the International Data Corporation (IDC), a global market research company. In gathering the data for the brief, the IDC surveyed 200 companies in Germany of at least 100 employees or more. Security managers involved in strategic security planning, security-related investment and technology decisions, and operational security took part in the survey.

Download the report here. Available in the German language only.

Of particular interest is how rapidly and profoundly the cybersecurity situation has changed in Germany and, of course, around the world from the Covid-19 pandemic. Much of the business working world has (or currently is) shifting to partial or permanent remote work options. This transformation has necessitated a complete rethink of the cybersecurity model in place at companies everywhere
Hence, the securitization of corporate networks leads the agenda of many businesses and the interconnected areas of cybersecurity. The report specifies three areas in particular which are listed as key developments of enterprise IT security. The first is the breakdown of the security perimeter between companies and the outside world; the second, which is related to the first, is that more corporate data is flowing through the public internet/cloud; and the third is the overall complexity and performance requirements required of online services.

Numerous figures are provided throughout the IDC brief which help detail the overall sentiment of German businesses with regards to cybersecurity. Figures such as, for example: the 10 biggest IT security challenges or the value of “trust” in business and cybersecurity best practices.

Learn how PXL Vision can help your company leverage the information contained in this sponsored IDC brief on the cybersecurity situation in Germany. Understand what businesses are reflecting on with regards to their own particular cybersecurity situation. Download a copy of the Executive Brief on our behalf and use it to inform your business operations of the best cybersecurity strategies moving forward.

Download the IDC Executive Brief here (available in German language only): “Cybersecurity in Deutschland: Aktuelle Security-Landschaften im Spannungsfeld von komplexen Bedrohungen, Agilität und Business Continuity 2021/22”.

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