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February 14, 2022

How to Stop Shopping Bots from Outbidding your Customers Online

The new PlayStation 5 is incredible! The realism of the eye-watering graphics of Gran Turismo 7 is beyond comprehension. If you are not...

October 26, 2021

PXL Vision has acquired its first supercomputer - unleashing its AI computing potential!

PXL Vision is very excited about its purchase of an NVIDIA DGX A100 supercomputer, which will provide its data...

November 6, 2020

The Swiss Method: Innovative use of facial biometrics challenges global identity verification players

Facial biometrics currently represents the cutting edge of online identity verification, and...

October 30, 2020

Guide: How fake accounts hurt the sharing economy & how to prevent them

Fake accounts, anonymous users and a multi-billion dollar sharing economy: What does it all have in common? Whether it’s homes,...

October 16, 2020

Active vs. Passive Liveness Detection: What Every Business Should Know

From deep fakes, to masks and even cut-out photographs: there are multiple ways in which fraudsters can spoof online customer...


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