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October 29, 2021


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The Top Trends Shaping Identity & Access Management in 2021

A recent Forrester report on the Top Trends Shaping Identity and Access Management (IAM) in 2021 outlines seven trends that are currently driving the IAM market. The trends range from the shift to remote work and the security threat that lives therein, to the growing interest in passwordless authentication as well as the increase of non-human identities on the internet.

If you guessed that the shift to remote work is largely due to the Corona pandemic, you would be right. Working from home or from somewhere other than the office is growing in popularity as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to rage and challenge our societies. The move to remote work requires companies, amongst many other considerations, to rethink their IT security.

Another trend in the identity space that is gathering steam is the desire to go passwordless. Password fatigue is real. With more and more services transitioning online, many of us have 100s of accounts. There are many options out there for passwordless authentication, from biometrics to 2FA to hardware keys. Check out the Forrester report to find out more.

If you were unsure of whether or not we are in a state of technological progress than look no further than the rising number of nonhuman identities. According to the report, "Forrester estimates that nonhuman identities – assisted and unassisted bots, service accounts, cloud automation and APIs, internet of things (IOT) devices, and robots – are growing at more than twice the rate of human identities across many organizations.” This of course also heightens corporate security issues, given the greater number of entry points for hackers to target.

For a complete read of the top trends shaping identity and access management in 2021. Check out the Forrester report here. The following trends are covered:

● Trend 1: IAM Budgets Catch Fire Due To Remote Work And Evolving Threats
● Trend 2: Passwordless Gets Real
● Trend 3: IAM Programs Become More Agile
● Trend 4: The Scale-Out Of Nonhuman Identities Explodes
● Trend 5: IAM Suite Providers Expand
● Trend 6: IAM Integration Continues With Network, Endpoint, And Data Security
● Trend 7: Customer Identity Doubles Down On Analytics

Download the complimentary Forrester report here to read about each trend in more detail.

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