PXL Vision for Groupe Mutuel

In 2022, Groupe Mutuel decided to update their insurance customer onboarding process. Since then, customers interested in acquiring a contract can choose between a paper-based and a digital application. PXL Vision supports the identity verification in this new process with its digital identification solutions.


The company

Groupe Mutuel is a leading health insurance provider in French-speaking Switzerland, as well as at the national level. As a comprehensive insurer, the company is active in occupational pension benefits, life insurance and corporate insurance. More than 1.3 million insured persons are affiliated to the health insurance companies of Groupe Mutuel, for both compulsory health insurance and supplemental insurance. At the corporate level, approximately 28,000 companies rely on Groupe Mutuel for their insurance. Groupe Mutuel's insurers offer a full range of health, legal protection and personal liability insurance benefits.

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The task

Before the introduction of PXL Vision’s digital alternative, potential insurees (both new customers as well as those that already held existing policies by the company) had to follow a registration process which, at crucial steps, had remained mainly paper-based. In a first step, applicants had to fill their required personal data at the company’s website to gain access to its online customer area. After initial treatment of their application, Groupe Mutuel sent them their necessary log-in data via postal services. With these, they were able to finish their registration.

While this partly analog process fulfilled all necessary security requirements concerning applicants’ personal data, it also came with a considerable cost. Notably, potential insurees had to wait an additional two to four days until they received their log-in data. In total, customers had to wait up to seven days to complete their application. These delays led to the drop-out of many potential customers, which did not finish their registration process. With over 4,000 applications per month on average and the number of drop-outs amounting to a rate of around 40 percent, these cases presented a considerable amount of potential revenues that remained dormant for the company. Additionally, the analog process created significant strain on the company’s customer support team.

Jonathan Valour, Senior Product Manager at Groupe Mutuel, explains: “We realized that our onboarding process contained a large gap that cost us many potential customers. And we wanted to implement a solution that was both safe as well as fast, and would feel to them as convenient as possible.”

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The Solution

Together with PXL Vision, Groupe Mutuel implemented a new digital registration, which functions as an alternative to the existing paper-based process. With this new option, customers can sign up online, verify their identity through PXL Vision’s solution and immediately sign their new insurance contract as well as activate their access to the online portal. Thanks to the integration of the automated identity verification, the entire process today can be completed in about seven minutes, providing convenience to applicants and easing the pressure on customer support.

With the new digital registration in place, the conversion rate has increased significantly: A comparison of the abandonment rates of the paper process with the digitized process shows that the drop-out rate has been reduced by around 80%*. At the same time, the conversion rate has more than doubled**. 

Additionally, Groupe Mutuel’s cost per customer has been halved, while its net promoter score (NPS), a metric indicating to what degree customers would recommend a company to others based on their own experience, has increased. Moreover, such digitally registered customers are of additional value to Groupe Mutuel, as the maintenance of their account comes at lower cost, while at the same time allowing for an improved and easier upselling.

Or, as Jonathan Valour puts it: “Working with PXL Vision has benefitted us and our customers. Today, we are able to onboard applicants effortlessly, providing them with the insurance they need, when they need it. We create value for them and for our company.”

Based on their experience, Groupe Mutuel is planning to intensify its cooperation with PXL Vision.


*: The amount of drop-outs from the digital process were 81,54 - 81,66% lower than the drop-outs of the paper-based process (number taken from February and March 2023).

**: The account activations of the digital process were 50,07 - 53,23% higher than activations of the paper-based process (number taken from February and March 2023).