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Securing online business without losing customers

Verify customers to prevent e-commerce fraud and reduce cart abandonment for high-priced and regulated goods, services and media.

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Identity verification use cases for e-commerce

Fill the shopping carts and convert more customers without room for fraud.

Convert more customers & protect your store with identity verification.

Increase revenues and stop losing money to fraudsters. Let us help build more trust for your platform.
Secure the online retail experience

Secure the online retail experience

Implement identity verification into your business processes and prevent identity fraud and other malicious activities from bad actors. Identity verification helps build trust that attracts repeat customers.

Eliminate fraud with minimal friction

Eliminate fraud with minimal friction

Yes, the identity verification process adds another step to the checkout or after-sales process. However, our simple, streamlined 30 second verification with minimal customer interaction reduces dropouts and helps prevent fraud.

Avoid expensive fines for selling to minors

Avoid regulatory fines for selling to minors

Verify your customers’ age in seconds to ensure minors don't get access to age-restricted goods, services or media they shouldn't consume. Apply a compliant age verification to avoid fines and build trust within the retail experience.

Get the Buyer's Guide today and learn how to find the best identity verification solution for your business.

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