Verify and convert more customers without leaving room for fraud

Selling of age-restricted goods, such as alcohol and tobacco, to minors is prohibited. Therefore, suppliers of these goods, whether online or on-site, must install an age verification system. As simply confirming the age by entering a password or using a credit card is not sufficient to validly verify the age of the buyer.
PXL Vision can assist with this.

-_Age Verification
Ensure reliable age check

Keep underage customers away from age-restricted goods. Protect your business and your customers with our secure age verification solution.


-_-Conversion Rate Increase
Realise ultimate Conversion

Convert your shop visitors into customers, even with identity and age checks.

Meet legal requirements

Make sure you comply with legal requirements for online businesses and avoid legal issues that could harm your success and reputation.

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Our automated identity verification and age check solutions are KJM-compliant (Commission for Youth Media Protection). 

We help you to install an efficient age verification system for your shop

Protect your e-commerce platform or retail business from both legal breaches and fraud with our customised age verification solution. 
This solution ensures legal compliance without alienating your customers, as ID checks are quick and uncomplicated.

Seamless customer experience

Provide your customers with a real-time ID and age verification service to ensure a secure online shopping experience and increase their satisfaction. 

The global document coverage

Maximise your sales potential and take advantage of our worldwide document support from more than 165 countries worldwide.

Simple and fast implementation

Our age verification solutions for shop systems can be implemented and integrated in just four weeks.

Age verification system with attractive pricing for online shops 

Implementing legal requirements does not have to be complicated and expensive. Please contact us to
discuss how our solution can be technically implemented for you.

We will enhance the security of your online shop

For e-commerce and retail providers, we offer not only an age verification system but also anti-fraud solutions.
This is particularly useful for providers of high-priced goods. Protect your business against economic crime.

Revolutionise your customer onboarding with our advanced identity verification solutions tailored to your specific needs.