Your benefits at a glance

Numerous configuration options
allow for flexible integration into any system
Authorization with biometric data
protects your customers from account takeovers and identity fraud
-_-Conversion Rate Increase
Higher conversion rates
thanks to fast and user-friendly identity verification

Banks and financial service providers are obligated to carry out legitimacy checks for any natural or legal entity within the framework of compliance regulations and regulatory requirements (GDPR, PSD2, BCBS 239 and 5th EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive).

Failure to comply with identity verification can result in customers committing (chargeback) fraud and money laundering. In addition, ignoring money laundering, KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) guidelines is a serious violation of legal requirements.

The only way to protect yourself against financial damage and legal consequences, while still maintaining the trust of your customers, is to comply with these regulations and carefully check all potential clients.

PXL Ident: One solution for security and legitimacy verification

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Fast legitimacy check

PXL Vision's solution enables a quick legitimacy check within 30 seconds by using biometric identification software for real-time verification. This enhances the user experience and consequently the conversion rate, as well as the time spent on customer authentication procedures required to open new client accounts.

KYC and AML compliance

With PXL Vision's solution, you no longer need to worry about meeting regulatory requirements and legal conditions such as AML and KYC – PXL Ident helps you comply with all legal regulations that apply.

Customer account access

With our solutions, you can cover not only the legitimation check for new customers, but also ensure regular account access. Provide your customers with secure access to their sensitive data and finances.

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Secure customer data management

Any customer data you collect can be inserted into your existing CRM system in compliance with GDPR - ensuring simple, secure and protected management of customer data.

Customizable modules

PXL Ident is a customizable and platform-independent solution for customer identification. It can be flexibly adapted to different processes through its modular structure.

Revolutionise your customer onboarding with our advanced identity verification solutions tailored to your specific needs.