Optimise your Customer Onboarding Processes and benefit from Ultimate Conversion results

Say goodbye to the inconvenience of outdated, time-consuming, and paper-based identity verification processes that frustrate potential and existing customers. Embrace simplicity and efficiency with our fast, convenient, and tamper-proof identity verification solution, carefully tailored to the specific needs of insurance companies.

-_-Conversion Rate Increase
High conversion results

Reduce customer churn, increase policy sales and improve customer satisfaction with a convenient enrolment process.

Secure KYC (Know Your Customer)

Improve KYC security by implementing strong data encryption and protection measures, safeguarding customer information, and complying with high-security privacy requirements.

-_Cost reduction
Reduced onboarding costs

Significantly reduce onboarding costs by optimising automated processes, using fewer resources, and eliminating staff, paper, and maintenance costs to increase profitability.

FINMA, ZertES and eIDAS conformity

Our identity verification solution fulfils the strict requirements of FINMA and ZertES.
It is also eIDAS-compliant, which guarantees the highest European standards for electronic identification and trust services.

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Elevate the Efficiency and Security of your Customer Onboarding Processes

To succeed in the insurance industry, companies need to make their digital onboarding processes faster and more user-friendly.
Move your manual enrolment processes to online onboarding with our AI-driven Automated ID Verification solution
for fast and reliable automation.

Automate your services

Automate workflows for instant digital customer verification, reducing manual onboarding issues such as abandonment, fraud and poor user experience to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Simplify online logins

Enhance the appeal of your online platform by making it easier for customers to buy services, request documents and access services, increasing user engagement and satisfaction.

The global document coverage

Insurance is a global industry. Maximise your sales potential and take advantage of our worldwide document support in over 165 countries.

Tailored verification solutions

Avoid trust issues associated with third-party branding during customer onboarding by deploying fully customisable identity verification systems designed for the unique requirements of the insurance sector.

Support of Swiss and German Health Insurance Cards (HIC)

Reduce manual input processes for insurance numbers and patient data by utilising our software's ability to read Swiss and German health insurance cards.

Enhance security with technology

Use multifactor authentication, including email, SMS and biometrics, to more effectively secure customer identities and ensure a reliable verification process.

Benefit from our expertise with leading insurance providers


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Working with PXL Vision has benefitted us and our customers on several levels. Today, we are able to onboard applicants effortlessly, providing them with the insurance they need, when they need it. We create value for them and for our company.

Jonathan Valour, Senior Product Manager at Groupe Mutuel


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Revolutionise your customer onboarding with our advanced identity verification solutions tailored to your specific needs.