Increase the conversion rate of customer onboarding in the customer portal

 Our efficient and secure identity verification solution can be tailored to the specific needs of insurance companies.
For Switzerland and Germany, we offer identity verification as well as insurance card verification.

-_Increase in sales
More insurance policies sold

Quick customer onboarding without switching browsers or apps

Customer verification through secure KYC procedure

Fraud prevention made easy

-_Cost reduction
Higher profit margin

Cost reduction through automated processes

Without proper identity verification, insurance companies encounter onboarding challenges

Insurance companies often still complete the onboarding of new customers manually and on paper, neither keeping with the times nor the customers' needs and often leads to problems:

High dropout rates due to complicated procedures

Fewer policies sold due to dissatisfied customers

Insurance fraud

Deficient document recognition

High personnel and procedural expenses

Incorrect application of legal regulations

The transition to an online customer onboarding process requires a fast and reliable AI-based solution. Our AI-based auto identification will help speed along your company's digitalization. You will have fewer customers drop out thanks to a quick online onboarding process.

Onboard your customers conveniently online with PXL Ident.

Digital onboarding your players

Lower dropout rates thanks to customer verification in under 30 seconds

Reduce customer dropouts, increase the number of policies sold, and improve your customer satisfaction rate through convenient registration processes.

Sign contracts digitally, access documents quickly and increase your conversion rates.

High level of customisability

Our identity verification software allows you to create a unique user experience: PXL Ident can be configured and integrated seamlessly into existing platforms, apps, and other online tools. Our white-label solution will help you circumvent mistrust caused by third-party logos during the online onboarding process.

Reduction of costs

Process costs per onboarding process are significantly reduced because fewer resources are required: Costs for personnel are almost completely eliminated. Our solutions also reduce customer onboarding dropout rates. This further reduces costs because less money is invested in vain. The result of reduced costs is higher profit margins.

KYC Compliance

Compliance is easy with PXL Vision. Our identity verification software is KYC-compliant and will protect your company from insurance fraud.

Benefit from our expertise


Several renowned Swiss insurance service providers have already adopted and integrated our identity verification solution. This important step towards digitalization has simplified their processes immensely.

Avoid high dropout rates and make it as easy as possible for your customers to buy your insurance policies.

Check out our case study to learn more.


Thanks to PXL Vision, we not only greatly simplified the identity verification process, but also significantly improved its overall quality. Exactly that was our goal.

Fabian Baldinger, Business Analyst and Project Lead for private customers, Swiss Life

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