Increase trust on your dating platform

PXL Vision's reliable identity verification solution can help online dating service providers maintain user safety and foster trust on their platforms. This includes effectively preventing fake profiles, bots and underage users from accessing the platform, while complying with global age verification standards.

Create a safe environment

Prevent fake accounts and catfishing by implementing identity verification into your onboarding process.

-_Age Verification
Age-proof your platforms

Prevent minors from adult-only dating platforms. Support the protection of minors as well as the seriousness of your platform.


-_Make an Impact
Strengthen your reputation

Reliable and convenient identity verification will increase customer loyalty and referral rates to your platform.

How can PXL Vision help online dating providers?

Serious online dating requires trust - create it by integrating a reliable identity verification solution. We help you to only give real people
access to your online dating platform, while ensuring that your customers have a positive user experience,
feel safe and enjoy connecting with each other.

Automate customer onboarding process

Check the customers’ identities digitally in seconds. Offer real-time identity and age verification process without downloading an extra app.

Increase your conversion rates

Offer fast and seamlessly integrated identity verification to reduce drop-outs in your platform's registration

Reduce fraud

Strengthen the public image of your dating platform by limiting fake profiles, bots and catfishing through digital identity verification.

Check customers’ age in seconds

Safeguard your dating platforms by eliminating underage users at the start of onboarding.

Enhance customers' user experience

Offer your customers a real-time onboarding process and a safe online dating experience to increase their satisfaction.

Profit from global document coverage

Implement PXL Vision's outstanding identity verification and authentication solutions, that cover documents from more than 165 countries worldwide.

Revolutionise your customer onboarding with our advanced identity verification solutions tailored to your specific needs.