-_-Conversion Rate Increase
29% more active players & revenue
Increase conversions within the onboarding process
Secure KYC compliance
Avoid non-compliant implementation of legal regulations for online gambling
-_Increase in sales
Greater profit
Automation helps you reduce costs
In many markets, regulation of online gambling is increasing. For example, in Germany the State Treaty on Gambling from 2021 (GlüStV) regulates that online casinos and gambling sites must verify the identity of players before their participation in betting and casino games are allowed. Without the right digital verification system in place, gambling operators not only face several KYC compliance issues, but also several additional challenges:

Cancellation of onboarding processes

High time expenditure due to long waiting times

Irritations and lack of trust due to third party suppliers

Incorrect implementation of legal regulations

Poor user experience due to media switching

Security issues due to incorrect document recognition

Online gambling verification should be quick and simple

Digital onboarding your players

Benefit from our online verification expertise

We have already integrated our solution into various online gambling platforms and built-up extensive expertise in the field.

To optimize and expand our solutions further we are also cooperating with Alteatec, a world leader in gaming administration and portal systems. PXL Ident is already integrated into the OLYMPUS ONE platform, so operators can easily use our service for age-verification and identity-verification with very low integration efforts.

Trusted by leading online gambling providers:


Keep your online gambling platform safe with compliant age and identity verification.

Stop losing players in the online gambling verification process

Age verification: man verification on phone

Avoid players dropping out by integrating our identity verification solution, which can be integrated flexibly and white labeled into existing processes. It convinces with a unique user experience.

Our fully automated solution can simplify the registration and onboarding of new players. Depending on how your current KYC compliance processes are structured, digital identity verification can be flexibly integrated into both platforms and apps to increase online security.

You can streamline the online verification process by using tools that are already in place.

Online Gambling with Poker Cards and Chips

Compared to other providers, our solution doesn't require an app to be downloaded for digital verification. In addition, the branding of your online platform can be adopted, so players are not distracted by the name of any third-party provider.

Thanks to these advantages, online gambling verification becomes an easy and positive experience for new players - and for your business at the same time.

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Gambling is a socially sensitive product. The player and youth protection must be ensured and implemented consistently. PXL Vision has convinced us immediately. 

Florian Hermann, Director Marketing and Operations at Novo Interactive

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