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Increase customer conversion and prevent fraud online and at the point-of-sale (POS)

Take the call and give your customers a seamless and secure onboarding experience at anytime, from anywhere.

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Identity verification in telecommunications

Answer the call and give customers a simple and seamless digital experience without the queues.

Convert more customers and beat the competition

All it takes is 30 seconds to onboard and convert your customers without risk.
Convert customers at anytime, from anywhere

Convert customers anytime, anywhere

Queuing in stores was yesterday. Ring in the change and ensure instant service delivery. Prevent revenue slumps, instead increase customer satisfaction and sales. Verify identities and onboard customers within 30 seconds across all channels, whether at the point-of-sale, online, or through service calls.

Lower process cost

Lower process cost

Traditional manual, paper-based service provision, whether for account opening, SIM activation or online account access are time-consuming and a drain on your cost base. Optimize your margins by reducing processing costs while improving customer satisfaction with seamless, secure identity verification.

Stay ahead of regulations

Beat fraud in its tracks

Have you ever thought about the social cost of someone forging an identity and using it to secure telecommunications services? As technology advances, fraud and other security risks are on the rise. Regulators are working to prevent these criminal activities by imposing more stringent identity verification requirements on the telecommunications industry. Biometric identity verification can nip this costly crime in the bud.

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