NFC verification via web browser for secure, seamless identity verification

Using NFC technology, biometric identity data can be read directly from the chip on the ID document. Use our web-based NFC verification functionality to make identity verification more secure and ensure a smooth user experience. Our optional NFC authentication module can be flexibly integrated into the verification process of PXL Ident and does not require a separate app download. 

Step 1: 

Scan ID Document and hold it against 
a NFC-enabled smartphone:
  • Recognition of document

  • Validation and extraction of Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) and Visual Inspection Zone (VIZ)

Step 2 - Read ID card via NFC
NFC 2 step

Step 2: 

Data is extracted from the NFC-chip and compared to the physical ID document:
  • Validate and read data stored on the chip via NFC interface 

  • Comparison with information captured by camera scan

Step 3: 

Take a video selfie for biometric authentication:

  • Comparison of biometric facial features, which was transmitted by reading the NFC chip

Step 4 - Take a selfie (1)

Enhance security and compliance with chip-based identification

Add our browser-based NFC module to PXL Ident to make the identification process even more secure.

Biometric data

99.9% accurate biometric chip data ensures trust and reliability. 


Digital authentication

Only with NFC verification can the authenticity of an ID document be reliably confirmed digitally, including validation of the issuing country's certificate and clone checking.


NFC verification enables automated identity verification and Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) for highly regulated industries.

Benefit from superior user experience

Our web-based NFC verification module eliminates media disruption by guiding the end-user through the entire verification process.

The tool required for NFC authentication is available as an Instant App (Android) or as an App Clip (iOS). This means that the app is temporary and can be downloaded in the web process without having to visit an app store. This allows us to make the process as convenient as possible for the end user.


Revolutionise your customer onboarding with our advanced identity verification solutions tailored to your specific needs.