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Our valued partners offer a wide range of exceptional products and services, backed by deep expertise in their respective markets. This invaluable knowledge makes them trusted advisors to our mutual customers.

When you partner with PXL Vision, you're aligning your organisation with a world-renowned platform that guarantees your customers a secure and seamless experience today and in the future.

As a PXL Vision partner, you'll benefit from our comprehensive support, ensuring that together we can consistently deliver unparalleled value to our customers.

Our Partners


Our partner Salesforce is one of the world's leading providers of CRM solutions. With PXL Vision, Salesforce customers can initiate manual or complex identity verification processes directly from Salesforce. After successful identity verification, all further processes, approvals or access can be enabled in Salesforce. This digitises many manual and costly processes. The result is increased customer satisfaction, data protection, and cost savings.

SAP is a leading provider of enterprise software. As an integration partner, we work together to enable easy integration for digital identity verification (KYC). Our seamlessly integrated identity verification supports SAP's robust portfolio with improved security and efficiency, and enables customer onboarding directly into SAP systems. This can optimise digital processes and improve operational efficiency and data protection.
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Nevis Security

Nevis Security specialises in identity and access management systems. The integration of our digital identity verification technology with Nevis' robust security solutions improves authentication processes and strengthens control over user access and privacy. Based on Know Your Customer (KYC), this partnership enables the development of new use cases for companies to extend their digitalisation processes.

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Evidian is a leading provider of Identity and Access Management solutions. As an integration partner, we jointly enable secure and efficient identity verification processes. The integration provides seamless user authentication and access management within the Evidian framework, improving both security and user experience. Our collaboration enables customers to implement robust, automated identity verification that significantly reduces the risk of fraud and administrative burden, while ensuring compliance with global security standards.


Keyless is a leader in privacy-preserving biometric authentication.
By combining PXL Vision's innovative ID recognition and processing algorithms with Keyless' advanced biometric authentication, we bring a high level of security and efficiency to the digital identity market.
Thanks to the partnership, users of our identity verification solutions will be able to authenticate themselves in combination with highly secure multi-factor authentication.


BSI (Business Systems Integration AG) specialises in customised ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions for process optimisation. The integration of PXL Vision's digital identity verification into BSI's dynamic ERP systems improves user verification processes and security measures. Our collaboration offers customers new opportunities and use cases for digital services when verifying their customers' identities.

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Alteatec offers a comprehensive and customised IT platform for the management of online gaming and gambling applications. The integration of PXL Ident and PXL Age enables platform users to verify the identity or age of their end customers or players and thus comply with legal requirements (KYC).

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Airlock is a leading provider of security and identity management solutions. By integrating our advanced digital identity verification technologies into Airlock's robust security framework, we are able to provide our customers with improved CIAM and authentication processes. Together, we enable organisations to secure their digital interactions, improve operational efficiency and customer experience quality, while significantly reducing security risks.

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Skribble provides a digital signature platform for electronic signatures, making it easy to digitally sign documents. In combination with PXL Ident for digital identity verification and the simple integration already in place, an end-to-end process for legally compliant document signing can be realised.


Wavestone is a leading management consultancy that aims to deliver excellence for its clients and transform them into industry leaders. Wavestone relies on the expertise of PXL Vision when it comes to implementing digital processes.


RockOn helps companies to implement legally compliant digital onboarding processes for a variety of use cases. The partnership with PXL Vision is an ideal combination for customers to achieve the best conversion rates through their UX in digital customer onboarding. Wherever fast, secure and legally compliant identity verification is required.

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Adnovum is a leading provider of business software and IT security solutions for clients who want to differentiate themselves through innovative solutions. Its core competencies include identity and access management as well as security consulting. By integrating PXL Vision's digital identity verification into secure IT environments, the challenges of digital identity verification can be easily solved and new digital offerings can be implemented quickly, securely and in compliance with regulations.

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Netcetera is a global leader in digital payment solutions and secure digitisation services. The integration with Netcetera Identity enables the implementation of customised solutions that improve the overall security of the customer journey: enhancing the identity verification process and ensuring secure and efficient transactions. This partnership supports companies that want to build lasting digital relationships with their customers and comply with international standards. 

Let's be successful together by forming a partnership

Technology Partner

For technology partners, PXL Vision offers tools and integration technology to help companies verify external identities to easily onboard them into their individual platform as an extension for various use cases.

PXL Vision provides software services for external onboarding, document, age or address verification, e-signature and more as an extension. Our technology partners can therefore extend their own solution or platform and enrich them with additional functions for onboarding customers in their digital journey.

As a benefit, the partners receive our continuous support in developing a demo environment, pre-sales and marketing activities.

Integration Partner

For integration partners, PXL Vision helps companies easily integrate onboarding and external identity verification solutions into existing IAM /CIAM systems.
Any use case scenarios can be supported and made available to our partners.
We support with our technical expertise and technology for seamless integration of identity verification solutions. This also includes individual customization, efficient implementation and ongoing support.

By partnering with us, companies benefit from a broader solution portfolio, additional customer service, pre-sales support and the possibility of joint marketing activities.

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