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Our valued partners offer a wide range of exceptional products and services, backed by deep expertise in their respective markets. This invaluable knowledge makes them trusted advisors to our mutual customers.

When you partner with PXL Vision, you're aligning your organisation with a world-renowned platform that guarantees your customers a secure and seamless experience today and in the future.

As a PXL Vision partner, you'll benefit from our comprehensive support, ensuring that together we can consistently deliver unparalleled value to our customers.

Our Partners


Salesforce is a CRM-platform for e-commerce, customer analytics, and more. The company develops cloud-based software that helps companies acquire more customers, win more business, and delight clients with outstanding service. Integration can be demonstrated for various general use cases or in specific markets such as eHealth.

SAP is a multinational software company that develops enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relationships. With the integration of PXL Vision's products, onboarding external identities into SAP's platforms will become an easy task for partners.
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Nevis Security

Nevis develops security solutions for today's digital world: the portfolio includes password-free logins that are intuitive to use and optimally protect user data. In Switzerland, Nevis is one of the market leaders in Customer Identity and Access Management.

Evidian IAM - orange

Evidian is the Identity and Access Management (IAM) software suite from Eviden. Evidian IAM is one of the leading solutions for Identity and Access Management. Different use case scenarios such as external onboarding, risk-based access for privileged users by verifying their identity and many more can be realised.


With the BSI Customer Suite, the software manufacturer BSI offers a holistic platform for the digitalisation of customer relationships. For retail, banking and insurance, BSI offers powerful specialised solutions based on many years of industry expertise.

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Alteatec is a comprehensive IT platform that develops and operates future-proof, tailor-made IT solutions in all areas. With a portfolio of clients worldwide, Alteatec provides high-end online gaming solutions for regulated jurisdictions.

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Airlock (Ergon as a parent company)  is a Swiss leader in leveraging digitalisation to create unique and effective client benefits, from conception to market. It combines extensive technological, security and business experience to design “smart” solutions from complex requirements. Anticipating tech trends, the company develops user- friendly, custom software and off-the-shelf products.

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Skribble is a digital signature platform that legally binds electronic signatures in accordance with Swiss & EU law. It enables simplified electronic signatures with just one click. Skribble combines security and simplicity to achieve maximum efficiency, where the e-signing service not only covers all use cases, but is also very easy to use.

Q_PERIOR-Logo-Partner Page

Q_PERIOR is a management consultancy whose mission is to deliver excellence for the benefit of its clients and their position as industry leaders. The company offers consulting services, solutions and creative approaches for innovative business models and is characterised by the interdisciplinary nature of its range of expertise.

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Technology Partner

For technology partners, PXL Vision offers tools and integration technology to help companies verify external identities to easily onboard them into their individual platform as an extension for various use cases.

PXL Vision provides software services for external onboarding, document, age or address verification, e-signature and more as an extension. Our technology partners can therefore extend their own solution or platform and enrich them with additional functions for onboarding customers in their digital journey.

As a benefit, the partners receive our continuous support in developing a demo environment, pre-sales and marketing activities.

Integration Partner

For integration partners, PXL Vision helps companies easily integrate onboarding and external identity verification solutions into existing IAM /CIAM systems.
Any use case scenarios can be supported and made available to our partners.
We support with our technical expertise and technology for seamless integration of identity verification solutions. This also includes individual customization, efficient implementation and ongoing support.

By partnering with us, companies benefit from a broader solution portfolio, additional customer service, pre-sales support and the possibility of joint marketing activities.

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