Offer your customers a simple age check with PXL Age

As a provider of age-restricted goods, you are obliged to introduce more secure age verification systems that go beyond simple confirmation in checkboxes or the manual entry of a date of birth. Our web-based digital age verification tool PXL Age modernises your e-commerce platforms or POS
and ensures fast and reliable age verification.

-_Age Verification
Fast Age Check

Verify the age of your customers in few seconds, anywhere, anytime, without compromising security. AI-based real-time verification makes it all possible.


-_-Conversion Rate Increase
Increased Conversion

No app downloads required, PXL Age only checks the user's age and is very easy to use. Enable fast and smooth checkout that minimises user churn without compromising security.

Legal Compliance

Stay compliant with regulations and protect minors by preventing access to age-restricted goods. Safeguard your business reputation with PXL Age.

A standalone tool specifically for digital age verification

PXL Age 16x9

PXL Age is designed for age verification only. The cloud-based technology is ready to use out of the box. It comes with pre-configured standard features to help you achieve the ultimate conversion. Users simply scan their ID document with a smartphone and the age check is done.

PXL Age extracts the data and performs a real-time age check in the back-end. It can automatically recognise a wide range of ID documents from over 165 countries.

Age verification in few seconds - how it works

Add PXL Age to your platform quickly

PXL Age can be integrated into any online platform quickly via a simple and easy-to-integrate API.

Our client Manor has implemented PXL Age in their Swiss online store, where PXL Age prevents buyers under the age of 16 or 18
from illegally purchasing alcoholic beverages. 



PXL Age as a solution for numerous business processes


PXL Age is an essential tool you need to ensure compliance and security across various business processes and use cases:

Selling alcohol online

Offer age verification for secure online and in-store alcohol sales.

Selling cannabis online

Verify age and identity before selling
controlled substances.

Selling tobacco, e-cigarettes and vapes online

Ensure your customers are of age and do not cause legal problems for your business.

Video gaming and streaming

Offer your players secure and fast age verification and comply with legal requirements.

Online adult entertainment

Ensure that only participants and viewers of legal age have access to your adult entertainment platform.

Online dating platforms

Prevent access by minors and offer your customers a safe online dating environment

PXL Age vs. PXL Ident


  • Specifically for age verification
  • Ideal for e-commerce, alcohol, tobacco and gaming
  • Ready-to-use with pre-configured basic functions
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PXL Ident

  • Covers all phases of identity verification
    as an end-to-end solution
  • Suitable for various industries
  • Extensive additional functionalities
  • Highly customisable with unlimited workflows and white labelling options
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Ensure compliance effortlessly with our seamless age verification solution