Fast and paperless contract signing with PXL eSign

Replacing the handwritten signature with a Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) is now possible. In just a few minutes,
PXL eSign enables contracts to be signed without additional hardware.

Let your customers sign contracts conveniently and securely online. All they need is Internet access, a valid ID document
and a smartphone or tablet.

PXL eSign - How it works:


Step 1: 

Submitting the document to be signed via API

  • The user initiates the process directly in the document to be signed and is redirected to our platform.
PXL e-sign step 1
Step 2 - Read ID card via NFC

Step 2: 

Identification with PXL Ident

  • User identification with ID card (optionally via NFC) and real-time facial biometric verification.

Step 3: 

Forwarding to signature platform

  • Immediate signing of the contract with the corresponding remote certificate.
PXL e-sign step 3

Contract completion with Ultimate Conversion

Regulatory Compliance

Highly compliant with the strict regulatory requirements of the European Union (eIDAS), Switzerland (ZertES) and beyond.



AI technology with excellent UX without media breaks, web-based, optimised for mobile and POS processes.


Reduce costs and increase
conversions through digital, anywhere,
anytime signing.


Looking for a simple signature solution?

In addition to Qualified Electronic Signature (QES), we also offer a Simple Electronic Signature (SES) with our partner Skribble.

Skribble_Logo-Partner Page

Are you looking for a QES provider or an identity proofing partner?