Configure your perfect matching Identity Verification with PXL Pro

You have the choice:

Choose the right modules and functions to make your processes as individual as possible - whether identity verification, age verification or complete customer onboarding.

You decide:

Define your own workflows and business logic so that the identity verification process perfectly maps your unique use case.

You remain flexible:

Customize your solutions for both cloud-based and on-premise configurations - so they integrate seamlessly with existing business processes.


Mix-and-Match - Benefit from maximum flexibility with PXL Pro

With PXL Pro, you have full control over your customer experience and business environment.

Our flexible SDKs and APIs open up a world of possibilities. You can combine and customize them as you like to design your own verification processes - just the way you need it.

With custom front-end & user experience design and the ability to create custom workflows, PXL Pro stays in the background and lets your brand take center stage.

PXL Pro adapts to you, not the other way around.

Possibilities of technical integration:

Mobile/Server SDK

Integrate our solutions into your own native applications with full control over the frontend, userflow and business logic

Cloud API

Use our SaaS solution to validate ID documents and/or selfie videos for various use cases.

Discover endless possibilities with PXL Pro

Our Automated ID Verification PXL Pro is your customized solution for individual requirements.

Identity verification as flexible as never before.