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Go beyond identity verification

Leverage additional tools of our platform to enhance your use case, end-to-end.

We built powerful tools, insights and features that will help boost security and drive conversion for your overall process. Benefit from additional integrations with 3rd party APIs and software (CRM, ERP and more). Out-of-the box compliance and seamless integrations drive a frictionless user experience for your customers.


Plug-and-play - get started immediately

Leverage our end-to-end process covering all phases of identity verification and beyond.

  • Our Plug-and-Play solution enables you to get started with ID verification immediately.
  • PXL Ident is cloud-based and ready to go.
  • You’ll be set up with preconfigured essentials and a selection of modules that can easily be added to fit your business needs – with minimal technical knowledge required.
  • Apply your own branding and individual texts with our white-labeling solutions
PXL Solutions Electronic Signatures

Customer Onboarding, Tailored to your needs

Full orchestration of end-to-end customer onboarding and KYC processes

  • SMS/eMail verification
  • Self declaration
  • Document verification
  • Face verification / Liveness detection
  • Address validation
  • PEP/SL check
  • Additional document scan
  • Electronic signature

Cover multiple use-cases with just one deployment and standard interfaces

PXL Ident offers pre-defined module configurations for specific use-cases

  • Identity Verification for multiple use-cases
  • Age Verification for e-commerce or age-restricted content
  • Basic customer onboarding - unregulated
  • Enhanced customer onboarding - regulated
  • Re-authentication for existing users
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Flexible workflow configuration

Use preconfigured workflows that can be easily adapted to your business needs

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1. User Registration

Collect, enrich and validate user data for customer onboarding

  • Establish a secure communication channel with a SMS/eMail verification for two-factor authentication
  • Collect personal data with a configurable self-declaration form or enrich already existing data

2. Identity Verification

Verify any identity document in less than 30 seconds

  • Document verification - extract relevant data accurately and prevent fraud by detecting manipulation attempts
  • Biometric identity verification - Prevent identity fraud, prove document ownership and detect user presence.
  • Ensure maximum conversion with minimal user interaction and reduced friction
  • Add another layer of security with ID recording of the security features

3. Identity Proofing

Stay compliant with AML & KYC

  • Address validation with utility bill check as a backup
  • PEP/Sanction lists and other necessary KYC checks
  • Scan of additional documents for your specific use-cases
  • Use PXL Check as a fallback option for manual checks

4. Electronic Signature

Add a digital signature directly into your workflow to close the contract electronically.

  • Sign contracts in a single flow after successful identity verification
  • Choose between e-signature standards QES, AES and SES
  • E-signature standards according to eIDAS / ZertES
  • GDPR / FADP compliant

Build your own user experience to grow your digital business

Tailormade digital onboarding for end-to-end customer journeys.

Adapt our preconfigured workflows to fit your business. Configurable to your unique needs, our solution seamlessly integrates into your processes across all use cases and channels

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1. Future proof: flexible, modular, dynamic

Automate and grow your digital business with configurable workflows for a wide range of use cases to fit your needs


2. Cost efficient: digital customer experiences

Build your own experience to maximize customer satisfaction and keep control of your costs. Additional modules can be integrated for regulatory compliance.


3. High conversion: superior user experience to boost sales

Ensure high conversion rates and reduced drop-outs with high performance AI and strong focus on user experiences.

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4. Fast & easy: seamless integration into your business

Integrate our standardized APIs into your existing infrastructure. Hassle-free and seamless integration to save cost and go to market quickly.

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5. Safe & secure: comply with AML and KYC regulations

Protect your business and integrate required modules for compliance. We work only with the highest standards and constantly seeking the latest relevant certifications.

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