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AI-powered identity verification tailored to your unique needs

Get rid of manual processes and drive revenues with the world’s most flexible identity verification platform. Leverage the world’s most flexible identity verification platform.

Your business is unique. It has its own needs in security, compliance, user experience, infrastructure, business processes, and more.
Our platform is unique. It flexibly adapts to your needs. It fits your existing business processes. And you can dynamically configure it to match your individual preferences.

Document verification

Extract relevant data accurately and prevent fraud by detecting manipulation attempts.

  • Assisted ID capture with simple point-and-shoot UX
  • Automatic detection, classification & capture of identity documents
  • Extract and verify document data
  • Detect document fraud
  • 40+ verification checks
  • Reinforced NFC biometric chip verification
  • Security feature (hologram, lenticular) detection
  • Global coverage


Biometric identity verification

Prevent identity fraud, prove document ownership and detect user presence. Ensure maximum conversion with minimal user interaction and reduced friction.

  • Zero-interaction video-selfie
  • Frictionless UX that minimizes drop-outs
  • High-performance facial biometric verification
  • Unique passive liveness detection
  • Protects against stolen IDs and impersonations
  • Protects from print, screen and mask attacks


Enterprise-grade identity verification
for any business

Premium identity verification configurable to your individual needs.
Choose between our flexible Plug-and-Play solution or build your own custom experiences.

Get started immediately with PXL Ident®

Leverage our end-to-end process covering all phases of identity verification and beyond. Get started immediately with our plug-and-play solution, PXL Ident®.

  • Cloud-based plug-and-play solution that gets you started immediately.
  • End-to-end process with all the essentials for your identity verification and onboarding needs.
  • Dynamic workflow engine for tailored configuration of your verification processes.
  • Simple integration minimal technical knowledge required.

Customize the experience with PXL Pro

Integrate individual modules and features to build your own custom experience. PXL Pro provides you with the highest possible flexibility and allows configuration to fit your unique requirements.

  • Build a customized experience that your customers and your business will love.
  • Mix and match our SDKs and APIs to build your own verification flows
  • Choose between mobile vs. web, cloud vs. on-premises deployment
  • Completely tuned to your individual needs and fully integrated into your pre-existing business processes.
PXL Ident®

Identity Verification

Document Verification


Biometric NFC Chip Verification

Modern identity documents have an embedded NFC chip, which stores biometric information. We extract that data and verify the authenticity of the document.
Frame 413 (1)
Frame 413 (1)

Facial Biometric Verification

Facial recognition technology works by comparing the face from the document against the face of the individual captured in a video selfie.
Frame 413 (1)
Frame 413 (1)

Passive Liveness Detection

We confirm a real live person is present. Compared to active liveness detection our passive approach does not require any user interaction, thus reducing dropouts in the process.
Frame 413 (1)
Frame 413 (1)

Identity proofing

Manual proofing of identity

Prevent dropouts through manual review of rejected or suspicious identities as fallback.


Ensure compliance with the necessary KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money-Laundering) checks, such as PEP (politically exposed person) & sanction list checks, address verifications and more

Phone Number verification (mTan)

Frame 413 (1)



Keep track of all transactions and their states.
Frame 413 (1)


Get a better understanding of your identity verification process with our analytics on verification results, user behavior, SLAs and more.
Frame 413 (1)

Electronic Signature

Compliant electronic signature for digital contract signing.
Frame 413 (1)


Get started immediately with our Daego® branded standard application or completely rebrand and configure the experience to your needs

Full white label

Frame 413 (1)
Frame 413 (1)

Standard Daego® apps

Frame 413 (1)


Dynamic decision engine

Apply custom business rules with dynamic error and workflow handling. Our decision engine allows for hundreds of different process scenarios.
Frame 413 (1)
Frame 413 (1)

Adaptive workflow engine

Dynamically adapt user workflow, depending on use case, channel, and process rules.
Frame 413 (1)
Frame 413 (1)

Multiple workflows with one implementation

Cover multiple use cases and user workflows with the same implementation.
Frame 413 (1)
Frame 413 (1)

Add or remove steps & screens

Add or remove verification steps and process screens to/from your workflows.
Frame 413 (1)
Frame 413 (1)

Reactive user journeys

Let users pause and resume the process in every stage of the overall flow to prevent dropouts.
Frame 413 (1)
Frame 413 (1)


Native Mobile

Frame 413 (1)
Frame 413 (1)


Frame 413 (1)
Frame 413 (1)


PXL Cloud (SaaS)

Runs on our own secure, certified private hosting locations (GDPR compliant).
Frame 413 (1)
Frame 413 (1)


Deploy on your own premises or your preferred private or public cloud.
Frame 413 (1)
Frame 413 (1)


Standard APIs

Standard APIs allow for a seamless integration.
Frame 413 (1)
Frame 413 (1)

Not sure which solution is the right fit for your specific needs?

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Take full control of the identity verification experience

Take full control of your identity verification processes across all channels and uses cases.

Leverage the world’s most flexible identity verification. Drive revenue growth, prevent fraud and build digital experiences that convert. Configurable to your unique needs, our identity verification seamlessly integrates into your processes across all use cases and channels.

Swiss Reliability

1. Superior User Experience

30 seconds and a few clicks. That's all it takes. Built with superior user experience (UX) in mind, we removed any friction for the user and provide accurate verification results in seconds.


2. Boost conversion

Convert as many true customers as possible while preventing bad actors from gaining unauthorized access. Our high-performance AI algorithms provide highly accurate and reliable verification results at the highest degree of automation.


3. Flexible, dynamic workflows

Cover multiple use cases with the same deployment – our platform adapts dynamically to your needs. Our solutions are modular and highly configurable. Build your own user journeys that automatically adapt to your process needs.


4. Protect Customer Data

Your customer's data is your most important asset. Take control of the entire data flow with our on-premises solutions or choose our certified, banking-grade infrastructures. We comply with local and international data protection regulations (e.g., GDPR in the EU) and are constantly pursuing the latest relevant certifications.

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5. Seamless integration

Our simple, standard interfaces allow for a fast integration into your existing infrastructure, database, CRM, or other backend system. Ensure that your users will never feel like they are leaving your trusted world. Leverage our white labelling capabilities by applying your own CI and language.


6. Platform-independent

Our SDKs and APIs are truly cross-platform. You can combine and deploy them in any imaginable way. Choose between mobile or web, on-premises or our certified SaaS infrastructure. Take full control of the process and integrate our identity verification into any existing IT infrastructure and business processes.

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7. Premium Support

Identity verification is a complex topic. We make it easy for you. We will take you by the hand and help find the right solution and configurations that fit your very own needs. Our team of industry, compliance, and technology experts will be by your side and ensure maximum support.

Go beyond identity verification

Leverage addition tools of our platform to enhance your use case, end-to-end.

We built powerful tools, insights and features that will help boosting security and driving conversion for your overall process. Benefit from additional integrations with 3rd party APIs and software (CRM, ERP and more). Out-of-the box compliance and seamless integrations drive a friction-less user experience for your customers.

Manual identity proofing: PXL Check

Catch potential rejections or suspicious identities as quickly as possible to reduce dropouts. Use PXL Check as a fallback option for a manual identity proofing:

  • Handle rejections dynamically based on custom configurations.
  • Choose between a quick review check or a full identity verification.
  • Gain full control of your identity verification process, as you can use your own in-house agents.
  • Your team needs neither training nor expertise. PXL Check guides you through the individual verification steps.
  • Maintain full privacy for your end customers.

Direct Integrations

Our robust and standardized interfaces allow for a fast integration into your existing infrastructure, database, CRM or other backend system. To make the integration process even more seamless, we work with integration partners. These experienced professionals can assist you with larger projects and provide out-of-the-box integrations with other software solutions.

  • SAP integration for external workforce verification
  • Nevis integration for passwordless authentication of users
  • … more to come

Advanced analytics & reports

Get real-time insights into your verification flows. Generate comprehensive reports that help you continuously improve your process and workflow configurations. Within PXL Ident our advanced analytics will get you insights into:

  • Which devices and operating systems are used?
  • Anonymized user demographics
  • Distribution of identity document types
  • Session times and potential drop-out reasons
  • Service levels
  • and more…

Electronic Signatures

Electronically sign documents online in line with legal requirements. Get access to all available e-signature standards, seamlessly integrated into a single flow.

  • Sign sales contracts, employment contracts or other documents in seconds.
  • Mobile phone confirmation
  • Batch signature for multiple contracts
  • E-signature standards according to eIDAS / ZertES
  • GDPR / FADP compliant

PXL Ident Dashboard

Keep track of all your transactions and verification processes through Dashboard within PXL Ident. Monitor verification results and transaction states in real-time. Trigger manual proofing or other checks directly in the dashboard to manage all information in one place and reduce dropouts.


Know Your Customer “KYC”

The full customer onboarding experience for KYC and AML goes beyond identity verification. Legal requirements vary from country to country - keeping track of them can be a challenge. Our end-to-end onboarding process works out-of-the box. It helps you reduce processing costs and comply with KYC regulations. Our AI-powered solutions meet the highest security and fraud protection standards required by regulators.

  • End-to-end customer onboarding experience
  • Easy user registration with autofill or through our API
  • Highly secure document verification with security feature validations and biometric NFC chip verification
  • High-performance liveness detection and face verification
  • Address verification, PEP/Sanction lists and other necessary KYC checks
  • E-signature for electronic signing of contracts
  • Traceable audit trail along all verification steps
  • Certified hosting infrastructure and GDPR compliance
  • Fulfills regulatory guidelines, such as FINMA, FINTRAC and more

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Work with our industry partners

Our direct integrations with leading industry partners allow you to benefit even more.


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