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Simplify access to user accounts

User-friendly, fast and cost-effective verification for secure account access & management in under 30 seconds.

Right-TickReplace passwords with facial biometrics

Online accounts needs to be 100% secure, but also easy to manage for the user. 

Traditional solutions for account access and management are either not safe enough or cause friction in the user journey. Binding your user account to a verified digital identity provides the security needed when allowing access to systems or devices.

User accounts based on verified identities can the be authenticated with a fast seamless experience using facial biometric verification, matching the user to the enrolled identity data, or alternatively linked to device specific access controls in a safe way, such as FaceID where available.

Right-TickMinimize cost and speed up business processes

Eliminate expensive and ineffective analog, manual processes with identity verification and a truly digital self-service approach to account & access management.

The user's self-management of otherwise cumbersome tasks, such as account changes, password recovery or product & service enrolments will:

  • Enhance the customer experience 
  • Speed up your service provision
  • Improve your Data Accuracy

Take a digital-first approach and improve you bottom line by reducing the burden on your customer support team with identity verification and facial biometric verification.

Right-TickIntegrate with ease

With a myriad of systems already in place, integrating new solutions into existing systems can be a challenge. Understanding this pain, our identity verification platform is completely modular and entirely platform-independent.

Working integrated in your native mobile app or in the browser, deployable as a cloud or on-premise solution, our solution is configurable to your needs.

Choose between a variety of apps, APIs or SDKs to integrate with any of your existing processes and customize your workflows as needed.

Right-TickNavigate compliance with confidence

There are a multitude of regulatory requirements for your business in the context of digital customer onboarding & management.

PXL Vision is compliant with existing rules and regulations - and we help you to get aligned as well.

The dedicated PXL Vision team of legal and tech professionals support you with evolving legal & regulatory requirements. We know how to navigate the field, develop best practices and can take you by the hand to ensure compliance for your needs.

Right-TickPersonalize the experience

Personal data and customer intelligence is one of your most important assets. In line with your different customer cohorts, types of products and services, you can reflect personalized user journeys for clients to access their accounts. 

Create unique customer experiences by using identity verification with own, customized data and process architectures that fully aligns with your business reality.

Right-TickPrivileged access management

The (digital) world can be a dangerous place, where bad actors come up with creative ways to harm your business for their own benefit. Verify the identity of users to make sure only verified identities have privileged access to critical resources, systems, accounts, sessions and devices and prevent cyber criminal activities. Dynamically assign and revoke rights to verified users for higher security and seamless processes.

Right-TickIncrease data quality

Data captured during identity verification is the most accurate data you can get about your customers. Integration of our standard APIs help you with: 

  • Increased data quality
  • Frictionless data transfer 
  • Easy data management

Keep your customers’ records clean and up-to-date with full control and direct data flow to your CRM or other internal systems.

Get the Buyer's Guide today and learn how to find the best identity verification solution for your business.

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