Manage access and keep your business secure with state-of-the-art identity verification

Traditional account access and management solutions are either not secure enough or create friction in the user journey. By adding
PXL Vision's fast and secure identity verification solution to your CIAM or IAM workflow, both issues can be easily eliminated.
Our Automated ID Verification solution seamlessly handles the identity verification process for you, ensuring higher conversion rates
and a positive user experience.
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Biometric authorisation

Prevent account takeover and identity fraud by matching users' facial features to their registered identity data.


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Reduce user friction

Reliable and convenient identity verification will increase customer loyalty and referral rates to your platform.

Navigate compliance with confidence

Ensure compliance with specified regulations and standards for your business with confidence and peace of mind.

How can PXL Vision help identity access and management platforms?

Enabling secure and well-managed customer access management is not easy. Lengthy identity verification processes are often the cause of
high friction and customer churn. As the Swiss market leader in identity verification, we know how to simplify this process for you.
Create a unique customer experience by simplifying identity verification with your own customised data
and process architectures that are fully aligned with your business reality.

Automate the account access

Minimise manual effort by increasing automation in the identity verification process of your customers' IAM journey. Focus on delivering value to your customers, while we take care of secure ID checks for you.

Replace passwords with facial biometrics

Enable verification with facial biometrics to retain returning customers and make it easier for them to access their accounts, ensuring an enhanced security experience.

Combat fraud and deception

Take advantage of built-in fraud prevention that goes beyond basic document verification. Integrate multiple data validation and advanced liveness check to ensure only the right people have access to your platforms.

Increase your conversion rates

Offer fast and seamlessly integrated Automated ID Verification processes into your identity and access management platforms to reduce customer drop-outs and registration abandonment.

Transfer any data seamlessly

Keep your customer records organised and up to date. Our identity verification solutions give you full control and direct data flow to your CRM or other internal systems.

Profit from global document coverage

Implement PXL Vision's outstanding identity verification and authentication solutions, that cover documents from more than 165 countries worldwide.

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