When it comes to attracting new customers, first impressions are vital. If you want to increase your conversion rate and turn potential customers into loyal clients, you need to rely on a well-structured, intuitive customer onboarding experience.

Encourage digitally active users from the start and enhance your customer satisfaction rate with a fast, easy, and convenient onboarding process.

PXL Ident provides a positive customer experience thanks to exceptional UX and passive liveness detection.

Complicated onboarding hurts customer retention

Many companies make the customer onboarding process too lengthy and lose potential clients as a result. If it seems too complicated to establish the first contact with a company, people often choose to opt out after all.

For example, about 63% of customers abandoned the digital onboarding process for banking applications in 2020.*

A simple browser or app change, as well as utilizing third-party providers, can cause mistrust and negatively affect the credibility of your company - a negative user experience that causes a higher abandonment rate.

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Customers decide to opt out very quickly. 55% of all dropouts occur in the first 15 minutes.*

In many companies, however, a specific customer onboarding process is mandatory to prevent identity fraud and to ensure customer safety. KYC compliance is vital for effective risk management.

If a customer onboarding process is implemented well, however, it can be a practical means that increases digital customer engagement and optimizes your conversion rate.

*: Source: Signicat 2020.

Fast, digital onboarding boosts conversion rate

Convert potential clients to customers: PXL Vision's customer onboarding will provide your customers with a positive user experience right from the start of their digital customer journey.

With PXL Ident, you don't have to worry about losing customers. We promote trust in your company and in the onboarding process through this positive user experience.

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Our benefits at a glance:

  • Saved time and money with AI-driven identity verification
  • Not bound to a specific location thanks to electronic customer registration
  • Flexibility through mobile onboarding
  • White labeling options for native integration
  • Reduced abandonment thanks to fast onboarding process
  • GDPR-compliant processing of customer data
  • Secure document upload
  • Electronic signatures for more security
  • Improved fraud prevention and risk management

Choose PXL Ident.

We have already been able to impress customers from various industries with our Auto-ID process. The conversion results have been particularly convincing: By reducing process aborts, more customers could be verified in less time.

Customers such as SwissLife, Lemonfrog, Well and SwissSign Group, for example, report enjoying full control over identity verification and simple processes that run quickly and smoothly.

Benefit from a digital customer onboarding process

PXL Vision's customer onboarding process will help you attract new customers right from the start, as you can offer the highest security standards.

With the help of biometric authentication, electronic signatures and real-time identity verification, we ensure business relationships based on trust and increase the security of your company.

Enable your customers to open accounts remotely, register online, and sign-up on the go at any time with our customer onboarding process.

Contact our experts today for more information about our customer onboarding solution – exclusively tailored to your company.

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