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Sell products and services at anytime, from anywhere

Streamline your customer onboarding online and at the point-of-sale to drive revenue growth and prevent fraud.

Right-TickOnboard your customer in 30 seconds

A simple 30 second age verification reduces drop-outs and ensures customer conversion.

Our frictionless UX keeps customer interaction to a minimum and allows you to verify your customers without loosing them along the way.


Right-TickManage customer data securely

It is important that the data you capture directly flows into your CRM or any other backend system. Our standard data formats and APIs can be deeply integrated into your existing IT systems and business processes.

The flexibility of our platform ensures a secure, frictionless transfer and easy management of your customer data.


Right-TickMaintain continuity

Breaks in the process kill conversion rates. Our uniquely flexible and modular platform integrates directly into your workflows. No need to switch between apps or browser tabs.

Reduce customer friction at every step of the process, prevent dropouts and drive sales conversion with our seamless onboarding experience.

Right-TickIntegrate with ease

Integrating new systems into existing ones can be challenging. Our platform-independent solutions provide well-documented standard interfaces that your developers will love.

Choose from a variety of SDKs and APIs to integrate directly into your own applications or get started immediately with our plug-and-play solutions.

Right-TickNavigate compliance with confidence

Regulations around the sale of age-restricted goods & services or content are constantly evolving and increasingly enforced. 

Prevent heavy fines or shut-downs by regulators using our compliant, certified solutions.

Our dedicated team of legal and tech professionals support you in aligning with ever-changing regulatory requirements. We know how to navigate the field, develop best practices and can provide you with out-of-the-box compliance at all times.

Right-TickPersonalize the onboarding experience

Personal data and customer intelligence is one of your most important assets. In line with your different customer cohorts, types of products and services, you can create personalized user journeys for clients to access their accounts. 

Create unique customer experiences by using identity verification with your own customized data and process architectures which fully align with your business requirements.

Right-TickPrevent identity fraud

Keep your customer’s data safe from hackers and identity fraud. Using the identity verification data from the onboarding process to also manage the future access to customer accounts, allows you to put an additional layer of security on to your client data.

Right-TickManage your workflows with one implementation

Your sales process may look different depending on your customer cohort, compliance requirements, channel or other factors

With just one implementation our solutions dynamically adapt to reflect as many workflows as needed. Provide unique onboarding experiences online or at the point-of-sale with the same solution.

Get the Buyer's Guide today and learn how to find the best identity verification solution for your business.

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