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Allow access to verified patient data from anywhere

Are you a modern healthcare provider or practitioner? Learn more about how you can provide authorized, secure, and easy access to your patient's data in one secure place.

Right-TickPrevent unauthorized access to patient data

Secure patient records from identity fraud. Damage done by hackers and scammers in this area can go far beyond financial implications. The life and the health of patients can be at peril. Protect patient data against unauthorized access and build trust.

Right-TickEnsure patient data is correct. Improve process speed. Go paperless.

Administration costs can amount to 35% of total healthcare expenditures. A digital identity verification solution helps you reduce the paperwork needed around patient data.

Streamline and digitize existing health records. Help your patients get the care they need when they need it most. Ensure that patient data is accurate. Save time and money in urgent care situations.

Right-TickProtect patient data

Use verified patient data to secure the future access to records and protect your patients from identity fraud.

Store the data completely on premise or leverage our highly secure, certified infrastructure in Switzerland and Germany.

Right-TickStreamline access and management of health records

In healthcare, the incorrect transmission of patient data is one of the most common causes of patient harm or even death. Standardize and streamline onboarding processes and record-keeping methods to reduce medical errors.

Onboard new patients and authenticate existing patients in seconds. That's all it takes to help save lives.

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Stephanie Künzli,
Chief Product Officer at Well

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