Health Insurance Card Support for Switzerland and Germany

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PXL Vision October 25, 2023
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Zurich, 25.10.2023 - PXL Vision, the Swiss market leader in automated identity verification, is pleased to announce the release of the first version of Health Insurance Card support for Switzerland and Germany. This means that the German and Swiss insurance cards are now supported as identity documents in the portfolio. The groundbreaking feature is seamlessly integrated into the Software Development Kit (SDK) and is now available to PXL Pro and PXL Ident customers.

The introduction of health insurance card support is an important milestone in PXL Vision's commitment to enhance identity verification solutions. However, it is important to note that this release is a 'beta' version. The decision to label it as such is based on the limited availability of training data for CH and DE to date, as the company believes in transparency and a customer-centric approach to development.

Elmar Reif, Chief Product Officer at PXL Vision, emphasises the company's focus on future collaboration with customers and stakeholders. "We are excited about the possibilities of supporting health insurance cards and look forward to working with our customers and prospects to explore specific use cases. PXL Vision is committed to refining and tailoring our solutions to meet the evolving needs of the market, particularly within eHealth platforms and hospital environments."

Mr. Reif also noted that user feedback will be instrumental in shaping the future of this offering. While there is potential to extend support to other countries, such expansions are not currently on the immediate roadmap as the company prioritises ensuring a robust and reliable solution for Switzerland and Germany.

In addition to this development, PXL Vision is actively considering incorporating new workflows for its Auto-ID solution PXL Ident. One potential enhancement under evaluation is a two-step onboarding process where users first scan their ID document and are then prompted to scan their health insurance card as a secondary document. Such enhancements represent PXL Vision's ongoing commitment to refining identity verification processes, making them more user-friendly and efficient.

The introduction of support for medical insurance cards is in line with the company's vision to continually improve the digital identity landscape. 

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About PXL Vision:

PXL Vision is the Swiss market leader and premium provider of digital identity verification. The Zurich-based company helps companies automate digital customer onboarding, increase conversions, reduce onboarding and compliance costs, and prevent identity fraud. Based on artificial intelligence, PXL Vision offers fully automated, web-based ID verification solutions that can be configured to meet individual needs and seamlessly integrated into existing processes. The modular design allows for optimal adaptation to different use cases and requirements.

PXL Vision's solutions are available as SaaS, on-premise or hybrid applications and are characterised by a high degree of user-friendliness for end users and maximum customisation options for customer companies. With PXL Vision solutions, both FINMA and ZertES compliance can be achieved. In addition, the entire process is infrastructure certified according to ISO 27001. PXL Vision is trusted by industry leaders such as Swisscom, Quickline, SwissID, Groupe Mutuel, Swiss Life, Compassana, Sunrise, WWZ, Unisys and Zürcher Kantonalbank. The company operates throughout Europe with a focus on the DACH region.

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