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Reduce manual processes and customer onboarding times

Optimize & streamline the onboarding of new users.

Right-TickFewer dropouts with simplified account onboarding

  • Reduce dropouts with our streamlined digital onboarding and verification platform. 

  • Choose from API, SDK and mobile options and make it easier for your customers to onboard.

  • User-friendly onboarding processes reduce conversion dropouts.


  • Banks and financial institutions benefit from PXL Vision’s compliant solutions. 

  • Stay up to date with regulatory changes with adaptive, flexible account opening technology.

Right-TickMade for speed

  • Onboard and verify new customers in less than 30 seconds

  • Minimize frustration during new account openings thanks to an optimized UX experience, specifically designed to reduce onboarding fatigue.

Right-TickReduce manual processes

  • Our IDV solution accepts 2500+ global document types, simplifying the time taken to verify new customers.

  • Shift manual processes online and reduce onboarding times by minimizing time-consuming paper-based transactions.

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