KJM-compliant age verification with PXL Age

The protection of minors is an increasingly important issue for online sellers of age-restricted products such as alcohol, tobacco, or media. Existing measures can be easily circumvented by young people if control mechanisms are weak. Ignoring age verification laws poses considerable risks for companies.
With the KJM-compliant age verification system PXL Age, you no longer have to worry about complying with requirements and regulations. 

Reliable and secure age verification system, for legal compliance

With our digital age verification system, you can respond quickly and efficiently to changes in legislation and protect your business from legal breaches.

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Ensure the protection of minors

Our digital age verification system helps you detect when minors try to buy age-restricted products and helps you protect children/young people effectively.


-_-Conversion Rate Increase
Conversion-oriented age verification system to keep abandonment rates low

Age verification with PXL Age is web-based and user-friendly. There is no need to download an app, which could lead to abandonment of the age verification process.

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PXL Age - age verification with KJM certification

The Commission for the Protection of Minors in the Media has successfully tested our age verification system for legal compliance. PXL Age meets all necessary age verification requirements. 

Fast implementation of the PXL Age SaaS solution

PXL Vision's digital age verification software is easy and quick to integrate into existing apps and browsers. You can specify the level of security for age verification. Do you only want to check the age by reading the ID, or do you also want to check that the person on the ID matches the person presenting it? You decide everything and have a direct impact on conversion rates.

With PXL Age, age verification can be integrated and up and running in a matter of days.

The advantages of our digital age verification at a glance.

PXL Age offers you:
  • Fast and user-friendly online age verification in less than 30 seconds
  • Web-based workflow - no additional application required
  • Legal and regulatory compliance with a KJM-certified age verification solution
  • Customisable configurations for your organisation and use case

Fast Age Verification with PXL Age

Our age verification system will not only work great for you, but also for your customers. Our system can be directly integrated into your online shop, ensuring customers do not have to switch between applications or browser tabs to verify their age. The whole process only takes less than 30 seconds, which will greatly reduce abandonment rates.

Profit from: 
  • quick integration into your online shop
  • digital age verification in under 30 seconds
  • reduction of abandonment rates

Regulatory and legal compliance for digital age verification

Access to harmful goods, such as alcohol, age-restricted online games or gambling, must only be granted after having verified the age. Strict rules apply in particular to the sale of alcohol: According to Art. 42 of the Food and Commodities Ordinance (LGV) prohibits the sale of alcoholic beverages to children and adolescents.

While it is easy to verify age at petrol stations, supermarkets and other shops using an ID card, online age verification cannot be reliably guaranteed without a suitable system.

Online retail businesses that do not use digital age verification, or do not comply with the increasingly stringent requirements, are in breach of law regulations. This can result in penalties, fines, or even the shut-down of your
online store. With digital age verification, we can help you comply with the legal requirements for selling age-restricted products. We have a team of legal and technical experts who understand digital age verification and can provide you with compliance solutions at any time.

Have a look at PXL Age - the age verification solution from PXL Vision.

What our customers say


Gambling is a socially sensitive product. The protection of players and minors must be implemented effectively and consistently. We were immediately excited about PXL Vision's solution.

Florian Hermann, Marketing and Operations Director at NOVO INTERACTIVE

Prevent the sale of age-restricted goods to minors with our age verification system.


How does age verification work at PXL Vision?

Once your customers have registered and passed two-factor authentication, their ID document is checked in less than 30 seconds during the purchase process, with minimal interaction. This involves extracting data from the ID document and performing a biometric identity check, which also verifies the security features of the ID document. In this way, we prevent potential fraud and manipulation.

What is considered as proof of age?

Proof of age is a valid form of identification such as a national identity card, passport or driving licence.

Why is age verification necessary?

Age verification is mandatory to comply with youth protection regulations, which help protect minors from accessing content and products that are harmful to them. It is no longer enough to simply state your date of birth or check a box to imply you are of legal age.