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A world full of trust built on
verified digital identities

Making secure, frictionless and reliable identity verification available to everyone.

We are a Swiss premium provider of best-in-class technology for scalable, configurable identity verification worldwide. Our AI-powered solutions help businesses of any size to reduce the cost of customer onboarding and compliance, drive revenue growth and prevent identity fraud. We strive ourselves to provide the most reliable, the quickest and the most seamless identity verification that can be used by anyone, at any time, from anywhere.

Our story

Our journey started as a Swiss high-tech spin-off of the prestigious Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH). With experience in identity verification since 2011, our company was founded by former key employees of Dacuda AG1 in 2017. Within 3 years, we managed to become the Swiss market leader, helping companies like Swisscom, SwissID and Swisslife verify their customers securely and reliably. Since then, we have expanded internationally with presences in Europe and North America. We are serving our customers with an international team of 70+ experts.

 1Dacuda is an award-winning computer vision company that exited to Magic Leap in early 2017.

Meet the Founding Team

The PXL Vision management team has a proven track record in developing and deploying mass-market products that are used by more than a million people worldwide. PXL Vision’s founders have worked together for more than seven years at Dacuda until Dacuda’s 3D division was sold to Magic Leap. The team has extensive experience and expertise in building highly complex computer vision and deep learning technologies and the passion and execution know-how to bring them to market.

  • Founder and CFO of Dacuda (Magic Leap exit in 2017)
  • BoD Skybotix (GoPro exit in 2015)
  • Capgemini strategy consultant
  • MA Public Affairs from University St. Gallen (HSG)
Michael Born
Chief Executive Officer
  • 6y Dacuda Head of Business Development
  • Closed license deals with multi-million biz
  • Well networked in OEM industry
  • BA EHL Lausanne
    DAS Technology Growth Mgmt HSG
Karim Nemr
Chief Business Officer
  • 6y SW Development for whole Dacuda SW portfolio
  • 20+ years as software engineer and manager
  • Expert in biometrics
  • MSc in Computer Science West Virginia University (USA)
Nevena Shamoska
Chief Technology Officer
  • 5y SW Dev for Dacuda 
  • 14+ years as software engineer and manager
  • Expert in security engineering
  • BA Cybernetics, Statistics, Biz Informatics ASE Bucharest
Roxana Porada
Chief Experience Officer
  • 3y Dacuda Operations and Customer Care
  • Member of Swiss military signal intelligence
  • Expert in finance and distributed ledger  technologies 
Lucas Sommer
Chief Operating Officer

Our core values

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