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November 15, 2021


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The Future Of Identity and Access Management

A recent Forrester report entitled The Future of Identity and Access Management offers an insightful look into, well, the future of identity and access management (IAM). Of course, like all reporting on the future, it is always difficult to predict what will happen first or how big the impact will be. However, you can trust that Forrester backs up their claims with well-founded knowledge based on industry expertise.

The report leads with how companies need to consider IAM as a central consideration to their technology portfolio. As always, motivated towards the customer, Forrester holds that great customer experiences lead to higher revenue. Thus, continued investment in the “technology, systems, and processes that help win, serve, and retain customers” is of tantamount importance.

Technology, in this context, implies implementing systems that are able to manage customer identities, preferences and profiles across channels. This also applies to security and privacy as well, such that your customers come to trust your services. Further to this technology is the consideration of new digital business models which ask that a company’s IAM strategy should consider all the various access points (cloud, on-premise, etc.) from all types of devices (browser, native mobile app, etc.).

Other more specific considerations in the report look at far-ranging ideas from passwordless authentication to behavioural biometrics, the implementation of Forrester’s own Zero Trust model and decentralized digital identity (DDID).

The report then goes into context-based identity controls for adaptive administration. This section covers portability of identity data, the use of AI and machine learning to provide just-in-time access, the sending of cyberthreat information and other intelligence into IAM platforms and the building of identity federation across internal user directories.

The last section of the report moves on from IAM as a security matter only and discusses customer functionality. IAM instances should also consider attributes such as customer profile management as well as individual relationships between customers and businesses.

Download the free Forrester report here to read about the future of IAM in more detail.


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