User-Friendly Identity Verification

July 6, 2023


How PXL Vision Provides User-Friendly Identity Verification

Identity verification is an invaluable process: identities must be reliably verified to protect both customers and the company itself from identity fraud, money laundering, terrorist financing, and other criminal activities.

However, security is not the only consideration here. When it comes to SaaS solutions, user-friendliness needs to be a top priority as well. An identity check should not be a hurdle for the user, but rather a fast, intuitive, and flexible process.

Since many different types of users need to verify identities, a great solution should meet each individual need and use case. For this reason, at PXL Vision, we have made it our goal to develop a user-friendly identity verification solution that is designed precisely for the requirements and needs of our target groups. 

The Backstory

Complexity meets usability: user-friendly identity verification involves a number of complex interactions. Solutions such as facial recognition need to be easy for anyone to operate. 

PXL Vision's user-friendly identity verification is based on state-of-the-art KI technology and automation. Easy and quick handling sets it apart from the rest. How did we reach this goal? By working closely with our target audience and a UX designer: Different users tested the identity verification with the help of our instructions. In the process, we identified which points led to misunderstandings or were simply unnecessary.

For us, the important part of the development process was to define real problems and search for perfect solutions. In the course of our collaboration, it became evident that many of our initial ideas and solutions contained significant flaws and issues. 

Once specific problems were identified, we were able to develop solutions that precisely addressed our users’ needs. Thus, we created a development process of five phases; starting with the initial design phase to the test phase, monitoring phase, and analysis phase all the way to the implementation phase, this process led us to today's version of our identity check.

The Development Process

In many cases, an identity check marks the beginning of the customer journey with a company. It should be an intuitive and straightforward process, as closely geared to the user's needs as possible. If it is too complicated and time-consuming, you will have high dropout rates, falling conversion rates and declining sales.

The development of an efficient solution for identity verification essentially turned into a multi-layered, complex process for us. 

Our user-friendly identity verification enables users to experience an intuitive, straightforward, and flexible identity check. By working closely with our users, we accomplished this using our five-phase development process:

1. Design Phase

In this first phase, our focus was to work with parties from various different departments to cover the ideas of all affected areas. These included, for example, the product, marketing, and front- and backend development departments. We compiled our initial ideas and implemented them in the development of a first rough draft of the product.

2. Test Phase

The concept we developed was tested during the second phase. The Test Phase is especially important for determining how effective our solutions really are in practice.

Furthermore, we recognized that the key to continuous improvement lies in the involvement of the target group. Therefore, regular usability tests were carried out using potential customers who had varying levels of experience with modern technology. They went through the process of identity verification just like they would in real life, using only the instructions in the app.

3. Monitoring Phase

The monitoring phase provided important results about significant shortcomings that still remained and where problems needed to be addressed. Did users interpret our app instructions differently? Were there any surprising incorrect assumptions or steps taken? Were mistakes made due to a confusing layout? Were there any problems when taking the photos?

4. Analysis Phase

In the previous phases, we were able to identify 22 problems in total, including one critical issue and eight serious ones. 

The analysis showed us where the strengths and weaknesses of our solution were, and which improvements our users needed so they could intuitively and comfortably complete the process of identity verification.

5. Implementation Phase

The problems identified in the analysis eventually formed the basis for the next version of the application.

However, this does not bring the process to completion. Our solutions will be continually optimized and adapted to new browser updates and operating systems to guarantee smooth functionality and user-friendliness in the long term.

Iphone App

The Result

Together with a UX designer, we have carried out all the phases described in order to make the process of identity verification as simple and user-friendly as possible. 

With PXL Vision's identity check, you enjoy the benefits of 

  • excellent user experiences,
  • increased user satisfaction,
  • decreased dropouts,
  • simple and self-explanatory UX designs, as well as
  • a high conversion rate.

What we do is clearly effective. Our user-oriented development process is the foundation of our work; that’s how we have won over many satisfied customers with our solution. Regardless of your location, our identity verification is accessible at any time and can be completed within just 30 seconds.



The development of a user-friendly identity verification solution required several phases and an extensive collaboration with our users and a UX Designer. At each step along the way, the goal was always to create a solution with a focus on the customer. 

The result is an identity verification solution that is not only secure, but also easy to operate, guarantees a high rate of satisfaction, and seamlessly integrates into the everyday life of the user. It’s proof that careful thought and a consistent user-centric development process lead to user-friendly identity verification.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, which is why we continuously improve and optimize our solution for long-term user-satisfaction. 

Take advantage of PXL Vision's advanced identity verification solution and present your customers with a secure and positive customer onboarding.

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