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Streamline access to health services and make patient data available wherever and whenever necessary

Verify patient identity for providing fast, safe and effective processes and improving access to public health services for all.

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Identity verification for eHealth

Lead the transformation towards more secure, efficient and seamless health provision.

Streamline access to health services and lower administration cost

Secure access to patient information for better, more efficient health service provision.
Improve speed and quality

Improve speed and quality

Improve the speed and quality of healthcare services with identity verification. Help maintain and organize medical records, decrease medical fraud, and safeguard patient data.

Go digital-first

Go digital-first

The future of patient health care is now. Allow verified patients and doctors to communicate and share patient data online from anywhere in the world - at anytime. Verified electronic health records help enable instant access to health services, with improved quality and less risk of miscommunication of patient data.

Improve drug safety

Improve drug safety

Mistakes and delays in communication is one of the biggest sources leading to treatment errors. Verifying patient identity for electronic health records and electronic prescriptions helps lower medical errors and prevents the wrong delivery or prescription of drugs to patients.

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