Digitise your patient verification process with automated identity verification and insurance card reading

PXL Vision empowers healthcare and telemedicine organizations with robust digital identity verification solutions, ensuring highest level privacy and safety for patients and their sensitive health information. Whether you run a hospital and want to accelerate your on-site patient intake or have a digital e-health offering where you need to securely verify new users, our identity verification solution will delight you.
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Time & cost effective patient onboarding
Patients can digitally verify their identity in less than 30 seconds, which significantly reduces paperwork and administrative costs.
Convenient usability for patient & professionals
With a simple and intuitive interface, our solution is designed to be easy to navigate and seamlessly integrate into existing healthcare workflows.
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Secure sensitive data of your patients
Our solution complies with health record standards and security protocols to protect patient data throughout its lifecycle.

Offer your patients secure and fast identity verification and register more patients in less time.

Trusted by leading healthcare providers:

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How PXL Vision can help healthcare providers?

Healthcare technology is improving access to world-class medical services worldwide.
PXL Vision is a key partner in helping healthcare providers ensure the accurate identity of patients.

Streamline patient intake

Effortlessly validate new patient identities through automated identity verification even before their initial clinic visit. Or make on-site patient admission more convenient and faster.

Enhance user experience

Verify your patients in under 30 seconds without the need of downloading an extra app. With a seamless and swift intake process your patient satisfaction will increase.

Facilitate telemedicine efforts

Ensure the legitimacy of both patients and healthcare providers prior to virtual appointments by simply utilizing a facial recognition selfie.

Build trust

Increase the security of sensitive patient data and minimize the risk of data breaches with advanced biometric identity and access management.

Minimize manual work

Prioritize the well-being of your patients and dedicate more energy to enhancing their experience by embracing automation throughout your enrollment journey.

Profit from global document coverage

Implement PXL Vision's outstanding identity verification and authentication solutions, that cover documents from more than 165 countries worldwide.

Benefit from efficient and secure data extraction from Health Insurance Cards (HIC) in Switzerland and Germany 


Streamline your patient registration processes by securely extracting all relevant data from Swiss and German health cards, including names, insurance numbers and other critical details required for seamless healthcare administration services. 

For example, identify patients prior to a face-to-face appointment or let them update their profiles remotely by automatically providing their health card details for a smoother, more efficient service delivery.

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With the Well App, we wanted to create a modern and user-friendly processes, and we have achieved this with PXL Vision. 

Stephanie Künzli, Chief Product Officer at Well

We offer insurance card verification for Switzerland and Germany.