Our Core Identity Verification Products  

PXL Ident

Simple Plug-and-Play solution with preconfigured essentials
  • Web based SaaS
  • Co-Branding or White Label

Key Features


Flexible Mix-and-Match Toolbox for customizable workflows & integration
Hybrid / On-Premise
  • Hybrid (Mobile SDK + Cloud API) or On-Premise (Mobile + Backend SDK)
  • White labeling & Workflows build by Customer


Key Features

  • Document & Face Verification
  • Liveness Detection
  • NFC Validation
  • Document & Barcode Scanning

Our Stand-Alone Products


A stand-alone tool specifically for digital age verification

How does it work?

  • Online age verification in seconds
  • Age verification with capturing an ID document only
  • No App download required
  • KJM compliance
  • DSG / GDPR compliant data processing
  • This cloud-based technology comes with pre-configured standard features and is ready to use out of the box

PXL eSign

Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) without any additional app

How does it work?

  • Submitting the document to be signed via API:
    The user initiates the process directly in the document to be signed and is redirected to our platform

  • Identification with PXL Ident:
    User identification with ID card (optionally via NFC) and real-time facial biometric verification

  • Forwarding to signature platform:
    Immediate signing of the contract with the corresponding remote certificate

Optional Add-On for our Products

PXL Check

Add-On tool for manual checks to keep up high conversions
SaaS or On-Premise

How does it work?

  • Users that could not been verified by the AI can be automatically redirected
  • Back office agent can manually check the user again
  • User can be verified manually
  • Regular further verification or onboarding process can be continued

NFC Verification

Optional module for NFC chip-based verification via web browser for secure, seamless identity verification

How does it work?

  • Scan ID Document on both sides using the smartphone camera
  • Data is read via NFC by holding the ID document against the back of the smartphone
  • Make a video selfie for biometric authentication
  • Regular further verification or onboarding process can be continued

Product Overview

PXL Ident (SaaS)
PXL Pro (Hybrid / On-Premise)
Browser + Cloud API
White Label
Mobile SDK + Cloud API
Mobile + Backend SDK
Full White Label
Browser + Cloud API
Supported Core Features
Document Verification
Document verification is the process of confirming the authenticity, integrity, and validity of physical or digital documents. It involves verifying various security features, such as watermarks, signatures, and data consistency, to ensure the document is genuine and has not been tampered with.
Face Verification
Face verification is a biometric authentication technique that involves confirming the identity of an individual by comparing their facial features with a reference image or template. It relies on advanced algorithms to analyze unique facial characteristics to determine if the presented face matches the stored identity.
Liveness Detection
Passive liveness detection verifies the authenticity of a person's biometric traits without their active participation. It prevents fraudulent attempts by analyzing the captured data for signs of vitality.
NFC Support
NFC Support refers to the capability to utilize NFC technology for verifying and exchanging identity information. It allows for secure and convenient communication between devices in close proximity, enabling the transfer of identity credentials or data through contactless interactions.
eID Support
eID support refers to the capability to accommodate and process electronic identification credentials. It enables the verification of individuals' identities using digital forms of identification, such as electronic identity cards or passports, which often incorporate cryptographic security measures to ensure authenticity and integrity.
Document Recording
Document recording refers to the process of capturing and storing images or digital representations of identity documents for authentication and verification purposes. It involves securely archiving document images, metadata, or extracted data to establish a reliable record of the presented identity documents, aiding in future reference, audit trails, and ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.
Supported Extra Features
Email Verification
SMS Verification
Document Scanning
Address Validation
Barcode Scanning
Advanced Electronic Signature

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