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PXL Vision July 28, 2023
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In our digital age with threats of identity fraud or online counterfeiting, reliable identity verification solutions are increasingly important. Companies in sensitive industries such as banking, insurance or telecommunications are faced with the challenge of verifying their users’ identities securely and effectively.

However, despite the clear advantages of digital identity verification, there is still a much more basic task to tackle, the increase of user acceptance. Many users abandon verification processes due to their complexity and time-consuming nature. In the end, companies often suffer significant losses, because they are only allowed to grant access to their services or products after successful identity verification.

However, identity verification doesn't have to be complicated and time-consuming. Find out now how PXL Vision can increase the user acceptance of your identity verification process.

Methods of identity verification

When it comes to identity verification, companies have various methods at their disposal to verify their users’ identities.

  • Bank-Ident and Post-Ident are procedures that require the user to appear in person at a bank or post office branch to present their identification documents and confirm their identity. Though reliable, these procedures are particularly time-consuming for users, as they have to appear in person on site.
  • Video-Ident makes it possible to verify your identity online. During a video call, the user will be assisted by a company employee who checks identification documents. Although this method is more convenient for the user, it still requires a stable internet connection for the live video transmission, and the service is not always quick to access.
  • Giro-Ident is a procedure offered by some banks that runs through the user's current account. The bank confirms the identity on the basis of already existing customer data. This procedure is especially convenient for bank customers, as no additional appointments are required. However, it presupposes that the user already has a bank account.
  • Auto-Ident is an innovative solution that uses artificial intelligence and automated processes to verify identities. Users submit a selfie and a scan of their ID. The system verifies the identity using biometrics and other security features in a matter of seconds. This procedure is user-friendly and doesn’t require a manual review by employees. As a result, it offers maximum flexibility and convenience for the user.
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Why user acceptance is important

User acceptance is extremely important for identity verification. Complicated and time-consuming verification processes often lead to users abandoning the process prematurely. Low user acceptance means that potential customers avoid using the services or completing transactions to avoid the verification process. And more dropouts mean less revenue.

Similarly, low user acceptance can undermine trust in the company, while a high level of user acceptance strengthens the customers’ trust in the company. As customers discover that a company’s verification processes are simple and straightforward, without unnecessary complications, trust is built right from the start. Satisfied customers are loyal customers, which is great for long-term customer relationships again.

An intuitive and fast verification system can increase user acceptance and ultimately lead to success. Other benefits that come with high user acceptance include, but are not limited to, fewer instances of fraud and financial abuse, reduced abandonment rates, increased completion rates, and higher profit margins.

PXL Ident: Auto-ID by PXL Vision

At PXL Vision, we have made it our mission to optimize user-friendliness and consequently user acceptance as well. We are convinced that seamless and trustworthy identity verification can significantly impact a company’s success. To this end, we have developed a solution that focuses on innovation, functionality and user-friendliness: PXL Ident, the Auto-ID solution from PXL Vision.

PXL Ident helps companies achieve a high level of user acceptance and satisfaction when it comes to verifying a user’s identity. Compared to paper-based verification methods, we have already been able to significantly reduce dropout rates.

PXL Vision provides users with a smooth and user-friendly experience – without the need to download an additional app. Our Auto-ID process is quick and easy for companies to implement and can easily be integrated into existing systems.

How PXL Vision Boosts User Acceptance

PXL Ident is simple, fast and intuitive. It comes with lots of perks and benefits:

  • No Media Discontinuity: PXL Vision is one of few providers that don’t require an additional app for verification. Instead, our verification process is web-based and can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems and environments. The fact that there is no need to switch platforms is crucial for our rate of user acceptance. Users won't be confused or distracted by having to download an additional third-party app.
  • Trust: We offer a white-label solution that enables companies to customize the workflow to match their own design. Branding features and a company-specific user interface strengthen customer trust.
  • User-focused Design: PXL Ident was developed with a strong focus on the user experience; we collaborated with actual users to provide solutions to real problems. Our user-centric design ensures that the verification process is simple, clear, and intuitive.
  • Flexibility: PXL Ident facilitates verification independent of location and time. Users can complete the verification process anywhere – from home, on the go, or in the office.
  • Speed: Our verification process is lightning fast. The fully automated verification process is completed in just 30 seconds and generates real-time results.
  • Electronic Signature: In addition to identity verification, we also offer an electronic signature function. Customers can digitally sign important documents without having to go through time-consuming printing and mailing processes.
  • Mobile Verification: Our solution is optimized for mobile devices as well. Users can conveniently complete the verification process via their smartphone or tablet, without the need for additional devices or complex installations.
  • Biometric Authentication: To ensure security, we offer biometric authentication methods. These are reliable ways to protect your company against identity fraud or counterfeiting.
  • Passive Liveness Detection: With our user-friendly technology, liveness and other safety features can be verified. The user does not have to perform any (often unpleasant) interactions in front of the camera (e.g. blinking, smiling, etc.) but can simply behave naturally.

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User acceptance plays a crucial role in identity verification and has a direct impact on the success of a business. PXL Ident offers a variety of benefits that can significantly increase your user acceptance rate. Through flexibility, speed, user-friendly guidance, passive liveness detection and a user-focused design, we have created an environment of trust for identity verification.

Are you looking for an easy-to-use identity verification process for your customers? Contact us!

What does user acceptance mean?

User acceptance refers to the willingness of users to accept and use a particular solution, service, or product. In the context of identity verification, it means that users are willing to complete the process because they perceive the verification process as simple, efficient, and trustworthy.

What are the benefits of online identity verification?

The advantages of online identity verification include flexibility, time savings due to a fast and automated process, high accuracy and reliability with the help of modern technology, as well as user-friendly, intuitive interfaces.

What promotes trust and satisfaction in customers in identity verification processes?

Among others, you can promote customer trust and satisfaction through secure and reliable verification, transparent and understandable processes, data protection and security measures, a user-centered design, simple and convenient user interfaces.


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