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Building a safe, trusted environment that converts and retains customers

Verify customer identities to prevent misuse. Create trust and safety in the sharing economy.

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Identity verification in the sharing economy

Verify the customer's identity to build safety and trust, which leads to conversion and retention.

Build trust that converts and retains users in the shared economy

Stop misconduct that damages your reputation with identity verification in 30 seconds.
Prevent damages and fake rentals in home sharing

Prevent damages and fake rentals

Implementing identity verification allows homeowners and guests to feel more secure when they travel or rent out their home. Interacting with other verified users adds security for all parties involved. Based on our research, almost 50% of people using sharing economy services in the United States encountered some sharing economy rental fraud. More than 5 million renters in the U.S. claim to have lost money in this way.

Build a reputation on trust

Build a reputation on trust

Sharing goods & services depends on trust. Misconduct will hurt your reputation and your business. As the middleman between your customer and the borrower, take the responsibility to create a safe environment for the exchange of goods or services and protect customers.

Attract, convert and retain more customers

Attract, convert, and retain more customers

Identity verification is an additional step in the user journey, but in just 30 seconds it will stop bad actors in their tracks, protect users and build a reputation of trust that attracts, converts, and retains customers.

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