Former Dacuda team founds new Computer Vision company PXL Vision AG

August 20, 2017


Dacuda founder Michael Born and three former key employees of 3D scanning specialist Dacuda have founded PXL Vision AG, after the Dacuda 3D business had been divested to mixed reality leader Magic Leap in February this year. Building on years of Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning expertise, the new software company is perfectly positioned to offer turnkey solutions in the fast growing Computer Vision markets and to become a trusted partner for the digital transformation of customer businesses worldwide. The company will soon unveil a number of new products brought to market by its industry customers.

Based on its vast expertise in Computer Vision, AI, Deep Learning and VR/AR technologies, PXL Vision has created PXL Beam®, a state-of-the-art software engine for the identification, classification and visualization of data, people, and objects. Using camera based devices, the PXL Beam® software stack offers real-time recognition and extraction and validation of physical data, detection, recognition, classification and tracking of objects as well as tracking, sensor optimization and streaming for AR/VR solutions.

Computer Vision and Deep Learning becomes increasingly important and is driven by a number of emerging use cases such as autonomous cars and augmented reality. “Thanks to our technology and expertise, we are well positioned to offer unique solutions in these fast-growing markets” says Karim Nemr, CBO of PXL Vision and former Head of Sales at Dacuda. “Our customers are using PXL Beam for use cases ranging from mobile onboarding and authentication in the telco industry to check-in in aviation and to the creation of the next generation virtual reality consumer headsets.”

PXL’s solutions help streamline and secure business processes, improve data quality and traceability and allow its customers to differentiate. “Our mission is to enable the digital transformation of customer businesses based on Computer Vision, AI, Deep Learning and VR/AR. The team’s experience of an 8-year-journey with Dacuda is an invaluable asset in being recognized by our customers as a trusted long-term partner for unique Computer Vision based software solutions,” says Michael Born, CEO of PXL Vision AG and former CFO and co-founder of Dacuda.

About PXL Vision

PXL Vision AG (PXL) is a Swiss high-tech company founded by former key employees of Dacuda AG, an award-winning computer vision company that sold its 3D division to Magic Leap in the beginning of 2017. PXL develops unique software solutions powered by the latest Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence and VR/AR algorithms. PXL’s solutions integrate neatly with mobile or stationary camera based devices, including AR/VR headsets.

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